Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 0

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 31, 2003 on Treehouse
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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
Miss Spider and Holley are two lovebugs who are just getting married. Though they're happy as bugs in a rug, Spiderus envies their relationship and wants Miss Spider for himself. During the after-wedding celebration, a chicken appears and scares the bugs, but what they don't know is that it's a mother who has left behind her egg.

The two settle down to life together and eventually, Miss Spider lays eggs. They are both excited about becoming parents, but Miss Spider, an adoptee, worries about not knowing how to take care of her babies. Her adopted Mom, Betty, reassures her that she will be a good mother --- all that matters is her love. Miss Spider and Holley hatch five children --- Squirt, Spinner, Wiggle and the twins Pansy and Snowdrop. They are soon growing and learning and along the way, Squirt discovers the missing chicken egg. Despite warnings not to mix with birds, Squirt feels that he must return the egg to its mother. Thus, he sets out on a dangerous journey and discovers new friends along the way.moreless

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    Brooke Shields

    Brooke Shields

    Miss Spider

    Guest Star

    Rick Moranis

    Rick Moranis


    Guest Star

    Mary Francis Suffery

    Mary Francis Suffery

    Little Miss Spider

    Guest Star

    Patricia Gage

    Patricia Gage

    Betty Beetle

    Recurring Role

    Cara Pifko

    Cara Pifko

    Eunice Earwig

    Recurring Role

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      • Holley: I always did want a big family.
        Miss Spider: Eight is a perfect number.
        Squirt: Yeah! We've got eight legs.
        Holley: And we have plenty of love to go around.

      • Spiderus: (upon falling in love with female spider at first sight) I've got butterflies in my tummy and I haven't eaten a caterpillar in days!

      • Holley: Barnyard?! No way, no how our Squirt would go there. No bug with his exoskeleton would go to the barnyard.
        Miss Spider: My little Squirt would do anything to get that egg back where it belongs. And he's not afraid of birds, not even chickens. Thank you, Stinky.

      • Spiderus: Why Holley? Why not me? He's half the spider. A quadruped. A gnat, really. I'm asking you one last time, Flora -- will you share my web?
        Miss Spider: You'll find someone someday. Someone you belong with.

      • Spiderus: You, you saved me?
        Holley: Well, we have to be kind to all bugs, you know. After you. Pull me up once you're at the top.

      • Stinky: Oh, I'm happy for the company. Nobody ever stops by my little stinkbug hole. I'm just too darn, uh, uh, stinky.

      • Squirt: What are those?
        Bounce: Snowflakes.
        Squirt: Snowflakes? Wow, they're so pretty --- and cold!
        Dragon: Exactly. We're in for it now.

      • Miss Spider: It's getting so cold. What kind of mother loses her baby? I told you I didn't know a thing about baby spiders.
        Uncle Gus: If any kid can survive out there, it's Squirt! He's got a lot of juice!

      • Dragon: (regarding Spiderus) Look at Miss Muffet go!
        Bounce: Ha ha. He's bugging out!

      • Squirt: (to Spiderus) Nice bugs don't eat their friends!

      • Squirt: Spiderus? What are you doing in the Snaky Woods?
        Spiderus: I'm doing lunch. Heh heh heh.

      • .Squirt: Wow, you're really pretty.
        Shimmer: I know. I'm a jewel beetle. Order coleoptera, family busprestidae. My name's Shimmer, what's yours?
        Squirt: Uh, Squirt. I'm a, I'm a... (blushes) I'm just a regular old spider.
        Bounce: Squirt got bit by the love bug! Squirt got bit by the love bug!
        Squirt: Did not!
        Shimmer: Did too!
        Bounce: Shimmer knows everything. She's got heat sensors in her legs.

      • Squirt: (to the egg) Don't be scared. If your Mom can't find you, we're going to go find her. Together.

      • Squirt: I'm not afraid of a bird.
        Miss Spider: We're not taking it home, Squirt. The poor Mommy has lost her egg and I'm sure she's looking for her baby. We'd best leave it where she can find it.

      • Uncle Gus: Take a bird home for dinner and you're likely to be the main course.

      • Miss Spider: We have to be good to bugs. All bugs.

      • Holley: Have you thougth of any names yet?
        Miss Spider: Uh huh. I've always liked Pansy and Snowdrop and Spinner for a boy is cute.
        Holley: Spinner. Aah. That's a spiderific name. (yawns) You ready for some shuteye?
        Miss Spider: I think I'll camp out tonight. Make sure the babies are safe.

      • Betty: I didn't know a thing about having a baby spider either. I had to make it all up too. But it doesn't matter if it's baby spiders, beetles, bedbugs or grubs --- everything they need, you have already got right there in your heart, Flora.

      • Miss Spider: Oh, what if I'm the same kind of Mom as my spider Mom? She didn't even stick around to see me hatch.

      • Betty: It's springtime in Sunny Patch. Everything's coming up babies.

      • Mr. Mantis: Bugs and chickens don't exactly mix company.

      • Female Grasshopper: Turn of your tushies! Turn off your tushies!
        Firefly: I can't. I'm shorting out. I've got a bum bum!

      • Spiderus: Holley? Why Holley and not me? I would have spun her up in silk. I would have showered her in flies.

      • Mr. Mantis: (regarding Miss Spider and Holley) Will you look at these lovebugs? Not a bug in Sunny Patch can tell me that these two don't belong together. I guess that's just nature's way.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids premiered on television and was also released on DVD by MGM Kids. All further Miss Spider releases have been put out by Lionsgate. The DVD includes promos for the direct-to-DVD films Stellaluna and Good Boy! as well as the TV series Hi-5.

        Scene selection is as follows:

        1. Main Title / Love Bugs
        2. "It's a Chicken"
        3. Little Miss Spider
        4. "The Babies are Coming!"
        5. A Real Squirt
        6. The Snaky Woods
        7. Bandits!
        8. A Friendly Face?
        9. Search Party / Snow
        10. "What is That Smell?"
        11. Dinner with Stinky
        12. A Mother's Instinct
        13. "Anyone Can Fall in Love"
        14. Mom to the Rescue
        15. "You're Our Somebody"
        16. Bugs Away! / Credits

        The DVD includes the following special features:

        - "David Kirk: Friend of Miss Spider" Featurette
        - "Storytime in Sunny Patch" Read-Along
        - "Biographies from the Hollow Tree" Interactive Feature
        - Bugstravaganza Game
        - Chicken Egg Dress-Up Game
        - Printable Coloring Pages and Activities (DVD-ROM)

      • Though this movie features most of the characters seen in the TV series, some of them are not referred to by name and some are voiced by different actors. Spiderus's love interest, Spindella, as well as the ants Ted and Ned all appear and speak, but go unnamed. Brooke Shields is the voice of Miss Spider in this film, with Rick Moranis as the voice of Holley. Other characters voiced by different actors include Marc Donato as Wiggle and Robert Smith as Pillbug. (Smith would later provide the voice of Holley for the television series and future specials.)

      • Squirt is born wearing his cap and Pansy and Snowdrop are born wearing their bows. In the TV series, Snowdrop's bow is a green color and Pansy's is a pinkish-purple. In this film, both characters' bows are similarly colored and therefore it is harder to distinguish them from each other.

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