Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 15

No-See-Um Is Believin'!; A Little Bug Music

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 16, 2005 on Treehouse
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No-See-Um Is Believin'!; A Little Bug Music
No-See-Um Is Believin'!: While out playing late at night, Squirt searches for a friend and finds one that's very tiny. Pippy is a "no-see-um," a bug so small that many bugs can't see her, even if they really try hard. Squirt becomes fast friends with Pippy, but is disappointed when his siblings all think he has imaginary friend. Worse, even his parents don't believe that Pippy is real. Meanwhile, Pippy struggles to find a way to join in Squirt's play and overcome her shyness at the same time.

A Little Bug Music: When Shimmer hears the expert playing of Magnus Macbeetle, she decides she really wants to play the bugpipes. Miss Spider and Holley work together to create a set, not realizing that Shimmer has already discovered a new interest --- dancing. Shimmer feigns interest in the bugpipes, but discovers that it's her brother Spinner that actually has a talent for them.moreless

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    • QUOTES (15)

      • Dragon: I'm pooped.
        Bounce: And I'm hungry.
        Squirt: But Dragon, you can never play enough hollyball and Bounce, you're always hungry.

      • Dragon: (commenting on Shimmer's awful bugpipe playing) It sounds like a frog with a stomachache.

      • Squirt: (after Pippy bites him on the nose) Ow! What was that?
        Pippy: It was me silly.
        Squirt: Why'd did you go and bite me? That's not very nice.
        Pippy: Sorry, but you almost squashed me with your huge nose.

      • Squirt: You know, if I look really closely, I can see you.
        Pippy: Really?
        Squirt: Sort of. Okay not really.

      • Pippy: I never knew talking could be this much fun!
        Miss Spider: Well, it's great to hear your little voice, Pippy. I guess you just needed someone to listen to you.
        Holley: That's right. Everybuggy, no matter how small, should always be listened to.

      • Squirt: Hmm. Why doesn't anybuggy believe me?
        Pippy: It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I know. (sighs)

      • Dragon: Isn't everybuggy gonna say good night to Squirt's imaginary friend?
        Squirt: Pippy's not an imaginary friend, Dragon! Just ignore him, Pippy.

      • Miss Spider: I got a little tickle on my nose.
        Squirt: That wasn't just a tickle, Mom. That was Pippy!
        Miss Spider: Of course it was. Sleep tight, kids. Don't let the bedbugs bite. And that means you, Bounce.

      • Dragon: (giggles) Squirt's got an imaginary friend.
        Miss Spider: Dragon.
        Dragon: Oh, right.

      • Squirt: Hey, you're not too small to play with. We could play together.
        Pippy: Really? I've never had anybuggy to play with before.

      • Squirt: I've never not seen anybuggy so tiny!
        Pippy: I'm a no-see-um. My scientific name is arthropoda insecta diptera cenatopogonidade. But you can call me Pippy.

      • Holley: (not realizing that Spinner is playing the bugpipes) Sounding better up there! Keep up the good work, Shimmer!
        Shimmer: (giggles) Dad thinks it's me.

      • Shimmer: Forget the bugpipes. Dancing is what I really want to do.

      • Shimmer: Mom? Dad? Can I play the bugpipes?
        Holley: (chuckles) Sounds like our little jewel beetle got bit by the music bug.
        Shimmer: It looks like so much fun! Can get some bugpipes? Please! Please!

      • Miss Spider: It's okay for everybuggy to have different tastes.
        Squirt: Bounce!
        Miss Spider: But it's not okay to taste everybuggy's without asking, Bounce.
        Bounce: Sorry, Mom!

    • NOTES (3)

      • In "No-See-Um Is Believin'," Squirt befriends Pippy, a little no-see-um bug. A "no-see-um" is in fact a real type of insect --- a small two-winged bug that sucks the blood of mammals, birds and other insects. However, Pippy, seems to be pretty harmless on the whole.

      • "No-See-Um is Believin'!" generally appears in schedule listings as "No-See-Um is Believing."

      • Alice Prodanou is the writer for the first story and Lynn Reist is the director. Robin J. Stein is the writer for the second story and is credited as Robin Stein. Neil Affleck is the director.

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