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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 18

Secret Frog

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Jun 20, 2005 on Treehouse
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Episode Summary

Secret Frog
Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner are out playing by the Taddy Puddle, scaring themselves with an old legend about a monster. Then they hear noises that make them believe there really is a monster, only to find something potentially as scary --- a frog! The three discover that appearances aren't always what they seem when they help the frog, named Felix, out of a tight spot. They become fast friends with the frog, only to discover that Spiderus is deathly afraid of them to the point of hysteria. He forms an anti-frog squad, which Dragon and some of the other kids join. As Miss Spider and Holley beg for everyone to keep a level head, Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner try their best to keep Felix a secret.moreless

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  • A budding friendship forms in the first of three episodes representing some of the show's strongest work. While out playing, Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner befriend a frog named Felix. The friendship is threatened when Spiderus creates the Anti-Frog Squad.moreless

    "Secret Frog" is the first of three episodes in a story arc that introduces a new character to the show, Felix the frog. It's a wonderful tale of friendship with plenty of action, adventure and heart as well.

    Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner are outside playing in a meadow near the Taddy Puddle. They're entertaining themselves with stories of a monster when they hear noises that sound like they could be from a real monster. At first, they think it's just their brothers and sisters playing a trick on them. Then they realize that perhaps it is something to be worried about --- a frog! Frogs are notorious bug-eaters, but as it turns out, this one definitely isn't in any position to be eating any bugs. It has its tongue wrapped around a plant, so it couldn't eat a bug even if it wanted to. When it pleads for help, the kids take pity on it and unwrap its tongue. After all, "Be Good to Bugs Day" is coming soon, and they think that should extend to all animals.

    The frog, whose name is Felix, is hopping-wild about having been freed. He excitedly thanks them for their help and confesses that he doesn't really fit in other frogs because he isn't good at froggy things. Not only that, but he never eats bugs, preferring instead to eat plants. They decide to introduce him to berries. He takes to them quickly, but has trouble targeting them with his tongue.

    As the three play with Felix, Dragon and the others are having a game of dewdrop dodgeball. Their playing comes a little too close to the Hollow Tree, creating a big mess. Miss Spider wonders to Holley if maybe Dragon is becoming a bit more rambunctious than usual.

    Playing with a frog turns out to have its unique difficulties, but rewards as well. Felix is naturally great at leapfrog, but not so great at hide-and-seek --- as he's just so huge compared to his new insect friends. Still, he's a bright personality and great fun to be around. Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner head off for dinner with the promise that they'll see him tomorrow.

    Back at the Hollow Tree, a bug-a-baloo is raised when Spiderus shows up shouting about frogs. A group of them has been spotted near the Taddy Puddle. He spins a tale of having nearly been eaten by a frog and portrays them as vicious monsters. Miss Spider casts doubt on the tale, saying that she wants her kids to be duly cautious of frogs, but not unnecessarily frightened. Spiderus is not persuaded and says he's forming the first-ever Sunny Patch Anti-Frog Squad, which Dragon, Pansy and Bounce think sounds cool. Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner, however, worry about the future of their friendship, as Miss Spider has warned them all away from the Taddy Puddle.

    The next day, two things take place. Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner try to work out how to play with Felix without going by the Taddy Puddle, while Dragon, Pansy and Bounce head off to join the Anti-Frog Squad. The three friends of Felix get a great idea. They launch berries towards the direction of the Taddy Puddle, which creates a trail for Felix to follow. Soon, the four are again playing hoppily and happily! As for the Anti-Frog Squad --- Dragon, Pansy and Bounce are deputized as "junior members," joining Frank the firefly and Stinky the stinkbug. They ask how they can help Spiderus and he tells them to fetch him a berry, because he had a light breakfast! (Hilarious!)

    Eventually, things come to a head when Spiderus spots Felix. He starts shouting like crazy about frogs and heads off into the village to warn everyone. Dragon, Pansy and Bounce head off to investigate and Miss Spider is shocked when she discovers that Spiderus left them alone. As Spiderus directs them to Felix, Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner manage to conceal them. By the time everyone gets there, Felix is cleverly hidden and the new "junior members" of the squad tell everyone to calm down, saying that they never saw any frog. Miss Spider and Holley leave, in disbelief over all the "fuss and feathers about a made-up frog." Dragon, Pansy and Bounce as well as Snowdrop and Wiggle (who were with Miss Spider to this point) remain behind and get quite a surprise when they hear a croaking noise and discover the presence of Felix. Squirt, Shimmer and Spinner introduce him and they all become friends. They agree that they have to keep Felix a secret for now, until they can figure out the best way to tell Miss Spider and Holley about him.

    Overall, I thought "Secret Frog" was a great episode of the series. Felix is cute, friendly and fun, but has some issues that make for interesting viewing in the upcoming episodes in the story arc. Great use of Spiderus too, who forms his Anti-Frog Squad out of fear, but has a lot to learn.

    I really like how this series was willing to do a relatively complex plot like this and not only tried but succeeded wildly. Available on the "Miss Spider's Froggy Day in Sunny Patch" DVD, this is a story that fans can enjoy for years to come. I myself have already watched it at least three times.

    As always, the animation and music were top-notch. I also liked the side-issue that was developed, with Dragon becoming more rambunctious and the kids keeping secrets that may lead to trouble later. Will things be put right? The fun continues in "The Big Green Bug."moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The members of Spiderus' anti-frog squad (besides Spiderus) were Pansy, Dragon, Bounce, Stinky, Frank the firefly and the Pillbug.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Squirt: (after being in Felix's mouth) Ew, I'm covered in frog slime!
      Felix: Does that mean we're not friends anymore?
      Squirt: Well, at least you didn't eat me.
      Spinner: How do you like the berry, Felix?
      Felix: Yummy. Must tastier than Squirt.

    • Felix: Can you keep a secret?
      Shimmer: Sure.
      Felix: I don't eat bugs.
      Spinner: A frog who doesn't eat bugs? Yeah, right.

    • Holley: (accidentally hit with a water drop by Dragon) Normally, I take my baths in a tub, not a chair.

    • Holley: Can you believe all the fuss and feathers over a make-believe frog?
      Miss Spider: I agree, Holley.

    • Spiderus: I saw that frog and I will not rest until I find it and drive it out of Sunny Patch once and for all!

    • Holley: Did you actually see this frog?
      Frank: Uh, not really.
      Holley: Then let's not panic.
      Spiderus: The frog has the children! The frog has the children! Get the frog! Get the frog! Charge!

    • Miss Spider: If there really is a frog out there, how could you have left the kids alone?
      Spiderus: Well, they've had extensive anti-frog training.
      Miss Spider: Come on, Holley. Wiggle and Snowdrop, stay close.
      Spiderus: Yes, everyone save the children from the frogs!

    • Spiderus: The frogs are coming! The frogs are coming!
      Bounce: Frog! Frog!
      Pansy: (whistles) Calm down, everybuggy! Did any of you actually see a frog?

    • Spiderus: You are hereby members of the Sunny Patch Anti-Frog Squad. Junior grade, of course.
      Stinky: Welcome aboard, kids!
      Frank: Yeah!
      Dragon: So what's our first adventure?
      Spiderus: Fetch me a berry. I had a light breakfast.

    • Miss Spider: I think it's important that my little bugs learn that frogs can be dangerous, but you don't have to be scared, kids.

    • Spiderus: A new family of frogs has been spotted in the Taddy Puddle.
      Miss Spider: Oh no.
      Spiderus: They're out there right now, waiting to strike.
      Miss Spider: Don't you think you're overreacting?

    • Felix: I haven't had this much fun since I was a tadpole. (sighs) I'll never forget you guys.
      Spinner: Why would you forget us?
      Shimmer: You'll see us tomorrow, silly.
      Felix: I will?

    • Shimmer: Hey, Felix! How about playing a game with us?
      Felix: (hops happily) Oh, how about leapfrog? I know all the rules to that one!

    • Squirt: (regarding Felix the frog) Guys, we're not really gonna let him loose, are we?
      Shimmer: Well, are going to be celebrating Be Good to Bugs Day soon.
      Spinner: And shouldn't Be Good to Bugs Day mean be good to every kind of animal?
      Shimmer: You're right! Come on.

    • Squirt: Monsters beware! I am Squirtius the Invincible! The bravest monster fighter in all of Sunny Patch.
      Shimmer: Oh boy.

    • Shimmer: So, do you think we might really see the monster of the Taddy Puddle?
      Spinner: Aw, there's no such thing. Not really.

  • NOTES (2)

    • When this special was aired on Nick Jr. and Noggin, it was aired in an edited form. Content from this and the two follow-up episodes was aired, but in a single special in edited form to fit within an hour-long block. As such, certain scenes that were non-essential to the plot were cut. This special premiered on Noggin on January 25, 2009.

    • This special also appears in listings as "Froggy Day in Sunny Patch." It was released on a DVD that uses the title "Miss Spider's Froggy Day in Sunny Patch." The DVD includes two follow-ups to this episode --- "The Big Green Bug" and "Be Good to Bugs... and Frogs."


    • The music playing when the frog is coming towards Spiderus sounds similar to the theme music to the movie Jaws, a popular film about a shark attack.