Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 4

Seeing Straight; Stumped!

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 16, 2006 on Treehouse



  • Trivia

    • "Seeeing Straight" features the song "Buggy Lost and Found," the first song in an episode not performed by any of the bugs, but instead by unknown female vocalist.

    • Dragon believes the glasses that he finds in "Seeing Straight" are special goggles from the Flying Aces. However, in "I'll Fly Away," Roxy and Rocky left while Dragon was still wearing his goggles. This should mean Dragon kept the goggles and would have been able to determine the glasses weren't goggles.

  • Quotes

    • (Dragon sees Frank's glasses for the first time)
      Dragon: Whoa dude. They're goggles.
      Shimmer: Actually, I think they're glasses.
      Dragon: Glasses, goggles, whatever.

    • Squirt: Hey Shimmer. I'm sorry about all those mean things I said to you.
      Shimmer: I'm sorry too, Squirt. C'mon, let's get that berry before...
      Grub: Looky here, the last berry of the season. Lucky me. (He takes a big bite out of the berry. Squirt and Shimmer then look at each other and burst out laughing.)

    • Holley: We've combed every inch of ground from here to the Village Square. Wherever those glasses are, we'll never find them in the dark.
      Miss Spider: Guess you're right, Holley. We'll have to come back tomorrow morning. That poor firefly.
      Holley: Yep. He deserves an apology (lowers his voice to a near mutter) from a certain dragonfly.

    • Dragon: I've gotta find those glasses! But where could they be?

    • Dragon: Whoo hoo! I'm the king of the sky! I'm the greatest daredevil in all of Sunny Patch! Thank you! Thank you very much!

    • Frank: (to Beetrice and Mrs. Ladybug) Pardon me, sir. Have either of you butterflies seen a pair of glasses?
      Beetrice: (chuckles) No, Frank. But we'll keep an eye out for them.
      Frank: Oh, sorry Beetrice. Without my specs, I can't tell a bumblebee from a blueberry.

    • Miss Spider: It's your responsibility to try to find who those glasses belong to, Dragon.
      Dragon: (sighs) Okay, Mom. I'll try... whoa... oof.
      Holley: You know, it might be a good idea not to wear them while you're out looking. Otherwise you'll never see who you're looking for.

    • Dragon: (regarding Frank's glasses) They look just like the goggles the Flying Aces wear, only even better!
      Shimmer: Well, definitely weirder.

    • Dragon: I spy with my little eye...
      Shimmer: Dragon, you've got two huge eyes!
      Dragon: Okay, I spy with my two huge eyes something that is... Whoa. Glowing!
      Shimmer: Glowing?
      Dragon: New game! Race you to the glowing thingy!

    • Holley: We tried everything on the Wheel of Choice. We even tried listening without interrupting. I'm stumped, honey.
      Miss Spider: You're stumped. That's a great idea, Holley. Stumped!
      Holley: Huh? Ohhh! (chuckles) Stumped.
      Squirt: Whaddya mean, stumped?

    • Holley: Bugs and beetles, critters of all ages, it's time to play the Wheel of Choice! Each petal has a symbol that stands for a different way to stop fighting. Spin the wheel and see what it lands on.

    • Squirt: Shimmer stole my berry!
      Shimmer: I saw it first!
      Holley: Now hold on. Everybuggy stop wagging your mandibles.
      Miss Spider: One at a time and let's try to talk calmly.

    • Holley: This looks like a spiderific team of spotters for our mushroom safari.
      Dragon: I love mushrooms. They're my favorite kind of fruit.
      Pansy: Mushrooms aren't fruit, silly. They're vegetables.
      Miss Spider: Pansy's right, Dragon. Mushrooms are very special vegetables. They're called fungi.
      Dragon: I'm a fun guy too! (laughter)

    • Dragon: I wish it was winter already. We could build snowbugs and go skating and eat hot mushroom soup.

  • Notes

    • Alice Prodanou is the writer for the first story and Neil Affleck is the director. Michael Stokes is the writer for the second story and Lynn Reist is the director.

  • Allusions

    • Holley's "Wheel of Choice" is a full-on parody of the popular television game show Wheel of Fortune. The wheel contains various ways to stop arguing, such as a smiley face for an apology. A game show theme is even played on the instrumental track, although it goes sour when Shimmer and Squirt refuse to shake hands.