Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 19

Snake Charmer; A Party For Pops

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse
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Snake Charmer: Spiderus is tired of his kids doting on Holley and his treats. Determined to get his kids' attention, he makes a show of bravado by foraging in the Snakey Woods. Though nobuggy realizes it at first, he comes back with much more than he bargained for.

A Party for Pops: When Holley is sent out with a list of chores, he realizes that it's time for his family's annual surprise party in his honor. Along the way, he meets Sunny Patch's newest father, Spiderus, who has also been sent out to do chores. When Spiderus learns about the Spider family's tradition, he decides he'd like a party of his own. Meanwhile, Miss Spider and the kids plan a very surprising celebration.moreless

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      • Miss Spider: Hope you didn't mind us playing a little trick on you, sweetie.
        Holley: Of course not. The fun part of a surprise party is the surprise. Right, Spiderus?
        Spiderus: Not really.

      • Miss Spider: Spindella and I decided the two most special dads in Sunny Patch deserved a special surprise!

      • Miss Spider: We're going to put the "surprise" back in surprise party.

      • Spiderus: I intend to have a wonderful time all by myself. You're invited too, Holley.

      • Spiderus: No gifts. Just chores. Oh, the indignity.

      • Stinky: Here's your compost, Spiderus. Perfect for growin' roses and holdin' noses.
        Spiderus: My family has no time for gardening. They'll be far too busy surprising me with a "Thank You, Daddy" party.
        Holley: Um, Spiderus, part of the fun of a surprise party is the surprise.
        Spiderus: Right. I'll be sure to stress that when I tell them exactly what kind of a party I want.

      • Stinky: Hey, Holley. I haven't seen you around for a while.
        Holley: You know the routine, Stinky. Whenever the kids plan a surprise for their pop, a trip to the recycling center's on my list.

      • Dragon: Did anybuggy else get the feeling that Dad may know about his surprise?
        Squirt: Hmm. He did seem way too happy to go to Stinky's recycling center.

      • Squirt: I don't care if Dad's brave or not. I just wish he was home.

      • Miss Spider: Stay calm, Spiderus. You must have been the first thing the poor snake saw when it came out of the egg. It thinks your its mommy.
        Spiderus: Its mommy?!

      • Spindella: Somebuggy! Anybuggy! Help!
        Squirt: What's wrong?
        Bounce: What's going on?
        Shimmer: Spindella, are you okay?
        Spindella: That bouncy thing that Spiderus brought back from the Snakey Woods was a snake egg.

      • Holley: The Snakey Woods are dangerous. There is no reason to go there just to get some treats.

      • Spiderus: I'm going deep into the Snakey Woods. Is Holley brave enough to do that?
        Squirt: Of course he is. Our Dad's the bravest.
        Shimmer: Yeah. He's not afraid to go anywhere.

      • Ivy: Holley's so spiderific.
        Spiderus: Holley, this. Holley, that. Holley, Holley, Holley.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Scott Kraft is the writer for the first story, Lynn Reist is the director and Robert Clark is the storyboard artist. Steve Sullivan is the writer and story editor for the second story, Neil Affleck is the director and Mike Smukavic is the storyboard artist.

      • Spiderus's children read the title display for "Snake Charmer" and Dragon reads the title display for "A Party for Pops."

      • The original broadcast date and episode number of this episode on Canada's Treehouse TV is unknown. In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on June 17, 2007 (Father's Day.)

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