Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 7

Something's Stinky In Sunny Patch; The Listening Walk

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 15, 2004 on Treehouse
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Something's Stinky In Sunny Patch; The Listening Walk
Something's Stinky In Sunny Patch: Mr. Mantis awakes one morning to find that his home has been barklarized. Nobody really knows who did it, but Spiderus accuses Shimmer. Though there's no actual evidence proving that she did it, the rumor starts spreading all around Sunny Patch. Shimmer's siblings work together to prove her evidence, with help from an old friend, Stinky the stinkbug.

The Listening Walk: Wiggle finds himself afraid of nighttime sounds and wants to sleep with Miss Spider and Holley. Miss Spider recalls that Betty used to take her on listening walks, so she decides to take Wiggle on one. They're joined by Squirt and Dragon and discover all sorts of interesting sounds, becoming less afraid along the way. They also find that they have a surprise visitor tagging along.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Miss Spider and the kids leave the bedroom to go on their listening walk, you can see Bounce's legs sticking out from under his bed.

    • QUOTES (25)

      • Spiderus: Aren't jewel beetles born in bark and don't they eat their way out?
        Shimmer: All beetles eat bark. I haven't eaten it since I was a larva.
        Spiderus: Then you must've been starving my dear.

      • Stinky: So Spiderus turned out to be the real stinker in this story. And me? I came out smelling like a rose. Because I'm Stinky; Stinky P.I.

      • Spiderus: Unhand those bark goods or Shimmer will go back to barklery.
        Female Bark Beetle: It wasn't Shimmer. We're the barklers and we're very sorry.
        Squirt: You should say you're sorry too, Spiderus. You're the one who started the rumor about Shimmer.
        Spiderus: Said the spider to the fly.
        Miss. Spider: Spiderus.
        Spiderus: Oh all right. I'm very, truly, terribly sorry.
        Shimmer: Promise you'll never start another rumor again. (Spiderus scoffs.)
        Squirt: Spiderus.
        Spiderus: Oh, all right, I promise.

      • Shimmer: You won't believe what happened to me, Mom. Someone ate the bark off of Mr. Mantis' house and Spiderus told everyone that I did it.
        Squirt: And that's not true. She didn't do it.
        Miss Spider: Spiderus is spreading rumors about you? Oh, honey. (gives Shimmer a hug)
        Shimmer: Now everyone thinks I did something I didn't do.
        Miss Spider: I know you didn't do it.
        Shimmer: But nobody else does.

      • Wiggle: (blowing a horn and scaring everyone) Did I scare you?
        Dragon: I wasn't scared.
        Squirt: Then why was your thorax shaking?

      • Stinky: I love a good "who done it," don't you?
        Shimmer: Not when everyone thinks I'm the one who done it.
        Stinky: You? Oh, that stinks.

      • Miss Spider: I think it's time for my little daytime bugs to swing on home and get some nighttime sleep.

      • Miss Spider: Hello, Bounce. What are you doing out of bed?
        Bounce: Listening.

      • Miss Spider: Remember, once you put a face to the sounds, they won't be so scary.

      • Miss Spider: Earwigs are nocturnal. That means they're busiest at night and sleep during the day.
        Wiggle: Maybe that's why Eddy's so tired at school. 'Cause he's nocturnal.

      • Dragon: I don't know what you're scared of, Wiggle. I'm not afraid of anything. I wasn't even scared when I was lost in the Snakey woods!
        Squirt: I was in the Snakey Woods too, Dragon! We were all scared.
        Miss Spider: Shh. Hush.

      • Miss Spider: Grandma Betty used to have to take me on listening walks.
        Wiggle: What's a listening walk?
        Holley: It's when you go walking and listen for night noises. Then you try and figure out who or what is making each noise.

      • Miss Spider: What's giving my little bug the bug-a-boos?
        Wiggle: I don't like the dark. There are so many scary noises.

      • Bounce: You can sleep with Tiny Tick, if you like.
        Wiggle: No thanks, Bounce.
        Bounce: Okay. Night, night.

      • Wiggle: Something slimed me! Something slimed me!
        Squirt: It's just a web, Wiggle!
        Bounce: What's with Wiggle?
        Squirt: He just pulled a Miss Muffet.

      • Wiggle: We should go home, guys. It's really late.
        Squirt: Swing on ahead. We'll catch up.
        Wiggle: B-But I don' want to go by myself.
        Squirt: Then come for one more parachute.
        Wiggle: (gulps)

      • Miss Spider: We've got bark sandwiches, bark stew, bark burgers and just plain bark.

      • Beetrice: Hi there, honey. I brought freshly baked bark cookies. Spiderus told me how you love them so.
        Shimmer: Mommmm!

      • Miss Spider: It's great you boys are sticking up for your sister and helping to put a stop to Spiderus's rumors.

      • Stinky: Sounds like a job for Stinky the stinkbug. Private investigator. P.I. for short.
        Bounce: More like P.U.

      • Stinky: Detective Stinky the stinkbug. Private investigator at your service. There's a barklar on the loose in Sunny Patch and I'm on the case.

      • Mr. Mantis: Now now. Everyone stop wagging your mandibles. We don't want to be starting rumors when we don't know the facts.

      • Spiderus: You're a wood-loving beetle, aren't you, Shimmer?
        Crowd: (gasps)
        Shimmer: I like woodworking sometimes, but with twigs, not houses!

      • Mr. Mantis: There's been a barklary. Who could have done such a thing?

      • Stinky: It was a night like any other when the trouble started. It blew in on a faint breeze and stuck around like a skunk in a barrel of blue cheese. Something was stinky in Sunny Patch. That's where I come in. I'm Stinky. Stinky P.I.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Spindella: Some day, Spiderus and I are going to have a web full of little spiders of our own.
        Miss Spider: (chuckles)

        In "The Listening Walk" Spindella comments that she and her husband Spiderus will someday have children. Though Miss Spider seems somewhat amused by the idea, it would come to pass, though not until late in the show's second season in "Most Perfect Parent," which was broadcast after the passing of Tony Jay, the voice of Spiderus.

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