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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 17

Spring Unsprung / Bumbling Bees

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse
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Episode Summary

Spring Unsprung: Spring is supposed to have come to Sunny Patch, but outside, the weather seems uncertain. Though certain obvious signs such as blooming flowers and swooping birds are out, cold winds are blowing. Squirt is so excited about Spring that he tries to wake up his froggy friend, Felix, from his long Winter's nap. Felix, however, is still sleepy, despite making his best efforts to enjoy the Spring day. Bumbling Bees: On Web-Weaving Day, Bounce eagerly helps his mom with web-testing, but Dragon finds himself bored and in need of fun. Seeing what the bee's are doing, he decides that it might be more fun to be a bee. Miss Spider decides to arrange this, and Dragon is soon put to work under the tutelage of Queen Beetrice's young daughter, Princess Honey. Dragon quickly discovers that the nectar-gathering tasks of bees are hardly just fun and games. Along the way, he also learns the ways of bee life, from waggle dances for communication to special honey tummies for the storage of the nectar that they gather.moreless

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      • Ted: "We'll work for it," he says.
        Ned: Watch it...
        Ted: My own brother. You and your big mandibles. (drops his workload) Whoops!
        Ned: Ow!
        Ted: You're in for it...

      • Honey: You know, bees always share their honey.
        Ted: And then, you wouldn't mind sharing a bit with two poor, starving ants?
        Ned: We'll work for it.
        Ted: (gasps) What?!
        Beetrice: Alrighty, then. Honey and Dragon, please show our two newest wanna-bees, heh, how it's done.

      • Dragon: Without a honeycomb, I'm not much of a bee.
        Honey: But you worked so hard, Dragon. You even learned the waggle dance to call for help.
        Miss Spider: It sounds like you've been the best bee you can be.
        Dragon: Bees work really hard, mom.
        Beetrice: And your hard work won't go unrewarded. I, Queen Beetrice, pronounce you, Dragon, honorary bee and will make sure you get a new comb full of our yummiest honey!

      • Honey: Good one, Dragon.
        Ned: What was that.
        Dragon: A waggle dance.
        Ted: Now is no time to start dancing.
        Ned and Ted: Hellllp!!!

      • Dragon: I'm trying to be a bee, but it's much more work than I thought.

      • Dragon: So how do you bees get the nectar from your honey tummy into the honeycomb?
        Honey: (giggles) We just spit it out.
        Dragon: Eh. Glad I have my nectar bucket... (struggles with the bucket's heavy weight) sorta.

      • Honey: He said there's a flower patch not very far that way!
        Dragon: He said that?
        Honey: Yeah, with a waggle dance. It's how bees let each other know where to find nectar. The looping and buzzing tells you how far away the nectar is and the long straight part tells you which direction to go find it!
        Dragon: Cool! Check this out... (does an elaborate waggle dance)
        Honey: You just directed me to Stinky the stinkbug's house!

      • Honey: Let's get buzzing, Dragon.
        Dragon: Dragons ho! I mean, bees away!

      • Beetrice: You'll be collecting nectar, dear. And when you're done, you'll get to keep all the honey you make.

      • Dragon: I wanna be a bee.
        Miss Spider: Mm-hmm. So you'd like to be a bee. I think that can be arranged.
        Dragon: Really?
        Miss Spider: Long as you promise to be the best bee you can be.
        Dragon: I promise!

      • Dragon: Dragons ho. Yahoo! Captain Wingflash to the rescue!
        Miss Spider: Well, hello there, Captain Wingflash. Have you seen my web-tester, Dragon?
        Dragon: Oh, um, I was testing this web for -- for bounciness, mom.
        Miss Spider: It looks to me like you were testing it for funness. How about getting back to work?

      • Squirt: We're going sledding in the meadow!
        Bounce: Snow, snow, snow!
        Miss Spider: You are? You don't mind the snow?
        Squirt: Uh uh. I'm just listening to my natural clock, mom. Yesterday, my body wanted it to be Spring, but today it's really happy it's still Winter.
        Holley: (giggles) My clock's a little tired of wintertime.
        Squirt: Nature's rhythms can be a little unpredictable, dad. (All giggle and then are shown outside sledding, shouting and cheering.)

      • Squirt: Mom, is Spring ever going to come?
        Miss Spider: Of course it is, sweetie. Spring is here, you just can't see it yet.

      • Bounce: Wow, he's still snoring. This froggy needs more sleep, Squirt.

      • Bounce: The blue jay is back!
        Squirt: We're bird bait! Felix, wake up. The blue jay!

      • Felix: Your calendar says it's time to wake up, but my body's telling me to sleep.
        Bounce: Dad did say everybuggy has their own buggy clocks, Squirt.
        Squirt: I guess Felix's clock is running a little slow.

      • Felix: (having fallen into the water during the lilypad ride) I'm awake! I'm awake! Boy am I awake now. The water's cold! It feels more like the first day of Winter than the first day of Spring.

      • Squirt: A lilypad ride with your friends is a great way to kick off Spring.

      • Felix: I'm going back to bed where it's warm. Come back later.

      • Squirt: We have a whole Spring, Summer and Fall of fun ahead of us!

      • Bounce: Wakey, wakey groggy froggy! It's not working.
        Squirt: (very loudly) Wake up, Felix!
        Bounce: Nuh uh.

      • Bounce: Wow.
        Squirt: A crocus. That's a Spring crocus. I told you Spring is here!

      • Holley: By the sound of that wind, it doesn't seem like Winter is in any hurry to leave Sunny Patch.

      • Squirt: The best part about tomorrow is that I can go wake up Felix from his long Winter nap.
        Bounce: Felix is still sleeping?
        Squirt: He's been sleeping since fall.

      • Miss Spider: They're all asleep.
        Holley: (discovers that at least one little buggy is not yet asleep) Squirt? Into bed, Squirt.
        Squirt: Okay, dad. I just have one more thing to do. (crosses off a day on his calendar) Bye-bye, Winter.
        Holley: (chuckles) That's right. Today's the last day of Winter. And not a minute too soon.
        Miss Spider: It's been a long one.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Squirt reads the title display for "Spring Unsprung" and Dragon reads the title display for "Bumbling Bees."

      • Closed-captioning throughout the original Noggin broadcast used "nite" for the word "night."

      • Until April 13, 2008, the full title of this episode was unknown. "Bumbling Bees" was listed at John van Bruggen's CV at http://www.dancingmonkeys.com/JohnBio/Johnpage.htm, however, the episode itself had not appeared in schedule listings. This episode was broadcast in the United States on Noggin for the first time on April 13, 2008 at noon eastern. It was repeated that evening at 11 P.M. eastern. It is unknown at this time when this episode premiered in Canada on Treehouse TV.

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