Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 19

The Big Green Bug

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Jul 21, 2005 on Treehouse
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The Big Green Bug
On Be Good to Bugs Day, Miss Spider's kids leave home early in the morning to play with their new frog friend, Felix. Holley is disappointed when he seemingly has nobody to try out a new song on, but finds a willing audience in Miss Spider. The kids soon find themselves playing a fun game with Felix, but are alarmed when Spiderus's Anti-Frog Squad once again goes on the move. They decide to help a dream of Felix's come true, by dressing him up as a bug for Be Good to Bugs Day. The disguise easily fools Spiderus, but isn't so quick to fool others. When Felix's parents come looking for him and a storm places the Spider family in danger, Felix faces a choice between giving up a dream to satisfy his parents' desires, or helping out his new friends.moreless

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  • In the second part of a two-part special, Sunny Patch holds its Be Good to Bugs Day Festival. The kids try to sneak him in, and by Spiderus, dressed as a bug. But calamity is created when Felix's parents believe he is missing and come looking for him.moreless

    The annual Be Good to Bugs Day has finally come to Sunny Patch. The kids are excited by the festival, but they're also excited to play with Felix, their new froggy friend. Miss Spider wonders where they're headed in such a hurry, but they've all agreed that for now it's best not to reveal the truth about Felix. As Bounce departs, he makes sure to say goodbye to a cake that she's making, as he intends to be at the festival later to taste some. Holley comes down, hoping to try out a new song he's been working on. He was hoping that the kids would listen, though Miss Spider proves to be a receptive audience.

    The kids have a great time with Felix. They play a spy game, with Squirt on the lookout for "fowl play." The spy game turns all too real when they spy someone who could cause them big trouble --- Spiderus! Spiderus has his Anti-Frog Squad going and very nearly catches sight of Felix. Fortunately, they're able to get him out of the way before there's any trouble.

    They'd all love to go to the festival and Felix would love to come too. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to be possible with frogs being persona non grata --- that is, unless they can come up with a way to sneak Felix in. They think like spies again and decide that the best solution is an effective disguise. They use objects from nature to dress up Felix as a "big green bug," an insectus humongous. They head off for the festival and straight towards Spiderus! At first, they try to hide Felix, but then realize that what they have here is a golden opportunity. If this disguise can fool Spiderus, then it should be able to fool anyone.

    Sure enough, Spiderus seems to buy it. He looks over Felix carefully and seems to accept the kids' assurances that he's a visitor from far away. Felix nearly spoils the whole thing by croaking, but they pass it off as "a touch of the bug flu." As they continue to the festival, however, they run into Miss Spider, who's been wondering just where they are. Their absence was noted at the festival, not the least of which by Holley, who really wants them to hear his song. Miss Spider considers Felix too and, unlike Spiderus, is not taken in. She panics, but they manage to convince her that Felix is harmless. Seeing Felix get his tongue stuck again, her motherly instincts kick in and she helps to get him unstuck. She scolds the kids for keeping the secret, though; they should have told her. Seeing as she wasn't fooled by the disguise, she tells them it would probably just be best to bring Felix back a piece of cake, rather than bringing him to the festival.

    They all head off for the festival, but it would seem that there's somebody else whose absence hasn't gone unnoticed --- Felix! His parents have been hopping worried about him and have decided to come looking for him. As they leap their way into the festival, everyone scatters and Spiderus puts up only feeble attempts at trying to ward them off before panicking himself. Miss Spider, on the other hand, realizes what they want and leads them to Felix. As Felix and his parents hop away, the kids are disappointed at being parted and Felix is upset to have to leave them. He simply can't believe his parents' admonitions (mainly from his father) that frogs and bugs don't mix.

    As for Miss Spider and her family, they've got a big problem. Frogs may love the wet and the water, but they don't so much. There's a big storm happening and it's flooding Sunny Patch. As they try to make their way back to the Hollow Tree, they find themselves stranded on a stump. With the water rapidly rising, they're in danger, until suddenly Felix comes to their rescue! He realized what was happening and couldn't leave his friends to just drown. There's a lot of froggy things he may not be good at, but he is an excellent swimmer. He has them all jump on his back and gets them safely to the Hollow Tree. With the mission accomplished, it's time for him to go home. Or, it would be, but he's afraid of the dark and it's getting really late. He doesn't want to try to make his way home tonight. Miss Spider and Holley agree that it would be best for Felix to stay at the Cozy Hole for the night. There's just the small problem of getting a frog all the way up into that hole. They eventually decide on bouncing him in, a strategy that takes a few tries, but works in the end. Everyone settles in for the evening and Holley finally gets to play his song. Felix shouts happily that he wants to be a bug when he grows up.

    Another fun episode of the show and some great development, too! In this episode, things really come to a head when the frogs the big Be Good to Bugs Day festival. The kids easily overcame what they've heard about frogs to make a new friend, and Miss Spider is willing to see sense when she's able to empathize as a fellow parent. Convincing the other bugs, however, might not be so easy.

    This episode served as a good connector between the first story and the final episode in this arc, when all of the various issues have to be resolved. There was intrigue, with the spy games and dressing Felix up as a bug. There was also a lot of heart, with Felix coming to save his friends and getting spend the night on a sleepover. Another excellent adventure!moreless
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    • Mr. Frog: Where could Felix be?
      Mrs. Frog: He probably wondered off somewhere. You know how much he likes to daydream.
      Mr. Frog: Don't remind me. The other frog dads are starting to snicker behind my back.

    • Miss Spider: I've been looking everywhere for you little bugs. (She sees Felix in his bug costume.) And not so little bugs.

    • Felix: We're snug as bugs in a rug, aren't we?
      Miss Spider: (chuckles) Yes we are, Felix.
      Felix: I wanna be a bug when I grow up!

    • Felix: I'm gonna stay at the bug house tonight!
      Shimmer: You can be an honorary bug.
      Dragon: A really big honorary bug.
      Felix: Ooh.
      Miss Spider: You sure have the biggest heart of any bug we've ever met, Felix.

    • Mrs. Frog: Felix, honey, bugs and frogs don't make good friends.
      Felix: But Mom!
      Mr. Frog: You'll understand when you get older, son. Now let's hop back home.
      Felix: (sighs) Okay.

    • Shimmer: You look like a big, green bug.
      Felix: Yippee! Look at me! I'm a bug! I'm a bug! (croaks) Hop-hop-hooray!
      Spinner: Careful, Felix. You don't want to wreck your costume.
      Wiggle: And bugs don't go (croaks).

    • Miss Spider: I wonder where my little bugs are. I expected Bounce to be first in line for my cake.

    • Dragon: I'm the spy in the sky.
      Squirt: Any sign of fowl play, Agent Dragonheart?
      Dragon: Well, there's some sneaky-looking flowers, and some pretty shady toadstools and (gasps) Spiderus?

    • Spiderus: Let's roll, frog squad!
      Stinky: (chuckles) I'd rather walk, if it's all the same to you, Mr. Spiderus.

    • Felix: I'm so happy, I could jump over the moon!
      Bounce: Careful, Felix, or you might!

    • Squirt: Oh, here we go again.
      Dragon: Where's Felix?
      Squirt: Maybe he forgot our playdate.
      Shimmer: Or maybe his parents found out and they're mad. I bet they only want Felix playing with other amphibians.
      Wiggle: Amphibi-what?
      Shimmer: Amphibians. An animal that can live in the water or on land.

    • Beetrice: Happy Be Good to Bugs Day!
      Gus: Back at you, Beetrice!

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