Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 16

The Bug Flu; A Time Telling Tale

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 17, 2005 on Treehouse
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The Bug Flu; A Time Telling Tale
The Bug Flu: While Miss Spider's buglets are out playing, Spiderus and Spindella are busy doing some gathering. Spiderus is getting bored and when he takes a tumble, he pretends that he has sprained his left third leg. The kids spring to help, but soon catch wind of Spiderus's trick. Spindella is wise to it too and decides to invite the kids for a small party to thank them for their help. The kids are convinced that the party will be boring and Dragon gets the idea of faking sick to get out of going. He pretends to have the bug flu, but his parents soon figure out the trick. While the others enjoy the party, Dragon is stuck at home pretending to be sick. He soon finds that his plan is beginning to backfire.

A Time Telling Tale: Squirt's a very busy bug with a lot of friends, but has trouble keeping track of time. He gets so busy that he's not on time for bedtime or dinner and is often late to school. Miss Spider and Holley decide to help him by building a sundial in the Village Square, which will help the entire community. Yet when it comes time for his friend Eddy's hatchday, Squirt is late again when the sun goes behind a cloud.moreless

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      • Spindella: We felt so bad that Dragon missed our party that we decided to bring some of our party to him.
        Spiderus: Did you leave any cookies for me?
        Spindella: Hush.

      • Dr. Beebetter: Miss. Spider, I can say that Dragon is as healthy as a horsefly.
        Miss. Spider: But what about all his sneezing and coughing?
        Dr. Beebetter: I got a good sound of his spiracles. You know those teeny tiny holes that dragonflies breath through? And they sound as clear as the breeze in the trees.

      • Dr. Beebetter: (with a stethoscope on Dragon's chest) Now, take a deep breath.
        Dragon: (Inhales)
        Dr. Beebetter: Whoa, save some the air for the rest of us. And out.
        Dragon: (exhales)
        Dr. Beebetter: That's a good bug boy.

      • Squirt: (observing the sundial Holley created with the other kids) What is it? A game?
        Wiggle: A toy?
        Bounce: A cookie making machine?
        Holley: Only "time" will tell. (giggles)

      • Dragon: You'll have a buggy blast, Spiderus. We'llt each you all of our favorite games and scary stories and silly songs.
        Spiderus: (completely nonplussed) Oh, goody. Oh, oh! My other leg! Oh, the pain!
        Dragon: (giggles) Faker.

      • Dragon: Bugs to your baskets. There's plenty more berries coming!
        Holley: You go, bugs!

      • Dragon: I guess I kind of pretended to be sick.
        Miss Spider: Being sick is serious and pretending to be sick is like telling a lie.

      • Dragon: I'm sick of being sick.

      • Dr. Beebetter: Holley, Miss Spider, teh only thing wrong with your little bug is a bad case of the fakey flu.
        Miss Spider and Holley: Huh?
        Miss Spider: Holley, do you know a cure for pretending to be sick?
        Holley: Hmm.

      • Dr. Beebetter: Now open your mandibles wide and say "anthill."
        Dragon: Anthill.
        Dr. Beebetter: Now say, "Buggie baby blows bubbles in the bathtub."
        Dragon: Huh?
        Dr. Beebetter: Just kidding.

      • Squirt: Dragon, do you really have the bug flu or is this a slick sick trick?
        Dragon: Achoo!
        Squirt: Okay, say no more!

      • Shimmer: Hey! Did anybuggy notice that Spiderus wasn't limping just now?
        Squirt: No fair! He tricked us into picking up the seeds.
        Dragon: He's playing sick? (giggles) Wow, that's a cool trick!

      • Spiderus: Wildflower seeds are so much work to gather, Spindella. The berry bushes are much closer.
        Spindella: Oh, have a sweet pea, sourpuss.
        Spiderus: Oh, ha ha. You have me wrapped around all eight of your little fingers, don't you?

      • Holley: (singing) While you swing just sing the minute-long song / It's a silly way of telling time...

      • Squirt: Oh no, Eddy's party. What time is it?
        Miss Spider: Hmm...
        Squirt: Uh-oh. I know what time that look means. I'm late, huh?

      • Eddy: Hey, have you seen Squirt anywhere?
        Shimmer: Not yet.
        Eddy: He must like websurfing more than my hatchday party, huh?
        Miss Spider: Of course not, Eddy. It's just that sometimes Squirt has trouble keeping track of time. I'll go find him.

      • Miss Spider: Holley, we've got to figure out a way to help our little bug keep track of time.
        Holley: Yeah. Aah, hmm. (sees the sun) Oh, that gives me a bright idea.

      • Squirt: I'm sorry. I was building a castle with my blocks and I guess I kinda
        Spinner: lost track of time?
        Squirt: Sorry, everybuggy.

      • Squirt: I just seem to lose track of time when I'm having fun.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Robin Stein is the writer for the first story and Neil Affleck is the director. Steve Sullivan is the writer for the second story and Lynn Reist is the director.

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