Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 5

The Marin Rose; A Sticky Situation

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 13, 2004 on Treehouse
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The Marin Rose; A Sticky Situation
The Marin Rose: Late one night, Mis Spider's kids ask for a story before bed and Shimmer suggests the tale of The Marin Rose. Miss Spider happily reads the tale, a story of brave knights who are commanded to pick a magnificent rose by their King. After facing fierce obstacles, the knights discover the flower and must make an important decision. The next day, the kids must apply what they've learned when they discover Spiderus about to pick a beautiful rose for Spindella.

A Sticky Situation: When Sunny Patch faces a shortage of honey, the bugs turn their attention to the amber treasure --- an abandoned honeycomb that's supposed to have a wealth of honey. When Miss Spider gives the last of the Spider family honey to Ted and Ned, some of the kids decide to go searching for the treasure themselves. Squirt and Bounce discover that Spiderus is searching for the treasure too, but got stuck in pinesap. Though Spiderus is often mean to them, having just scared them a little earlier, Squirt and Bounce recall Miss Spider's advice to be good to bugs, all bugs. They work together to try to save Spiderus before he becomes fossilized.moreless

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    Tony Jay

    Tony Jay

    Spiderus / King

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    Scott McCord

    Scott McCord

    Stinky the Royal Stinkster

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    Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson

    Ned / Pirant

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (0)

    • QUOTES (13)

      • (The kids see a flower that looks just like the Marin Rose)
        Dragon: Let's pick it and bring it home to Mom.
        Shimmer: What?!
        Dragon: That's what the knights did in the story right?
        Shimmer: No. Don't you remember Dragon? If you pick the flower, it will die.
        Bounce: Shimmer's right. Shimmer's right.
        Squirt: Somebuggy better tell him that.
        (Points to Spiderus who's about to pick the flower)

      • King: I'm sending you on a quest.
        Knights: Huzzah!
        King: But I should warn you, it will be full of pitfalls and perils.
        Sir Bounce: Huzzah!
        Sir Squirt: Uh Sir Bounce, pitfalls and perils are dangerous stuff.
        Sir Bounce: They are? Can I take back my huzzah?

      • (The knights all burst into giggles)
        Royal Stinkster: Did I miss a joke or something?

      • Eddy: What are you doing, Spiderus?
        Spiderus: I'm stuck. Get me out this instant.
        Eddy: You just want us to go in there so you can try to eat us.
        Spiderus: If I could get my hands on you. But of course I can't, because I'm sinking in pine sap!

      • (Spiderus tries to get other bugs to help him get unstuck, but nobody will)
        Spiderus: Why won't anybuggy stop to help me?
        Squirt: Maybe because you're not so nice sometimes.
        Spiderus: Me? Not nice? When am I not nice?
        Squirt: When you tell bugs you're going to eat them and you scare them on purpose.
        Spiderus: Oh yes. That.

      • King: Fetch me this flower!
        Royal Stinkster: Well see, I'm not really a flower fetching kind of bug. I'm more of a funny bone tickler.

      • Squirt: Wow! This is enough honey for a whole year. Thanks, Spiderus.
        Spiderus: Yes, yes, and a similar sentiment to you, I suppose. Now scram, before I develop a taste for honey-covered dragonfly.
        Dragon: I'm outta here!

      • Kids: The amber treasure!
        Spiderus: My amber treasure! Mine! Mine! Mine!

      • Spiderus: Oh, drat. Pine sap. This is a bit of a sticky situation.

      • Squirt: Spiderus! Hi!
        Bounce: Are you looking for the amber treasure too?
        Spiderus: I am looking for something --- a tasty spider sandwich and a big bedbug buffet.

      • Miss Spider: Of course we can spare a bit of honey.
        Squirt: Mom! We don't have any honey to give them. I ate the last drop.
        Miss Spider: We still have one acorn-full left.
        Squirt: We do?
        Miss Spider: Mmm-hmm. But this is the last of it.
        Ned: Oh boy! Oh boy!
        Ted: Shh. Don't blow it.

      • King: Zounds. By sending you to pick the flower, I destroyed it. Oh, what a rogue and peasant spider am I. I have robbed the world of the last Marin Rose.

      • Shimmer: I know! How about a story about flowers?
        Squirt: Flowers? Ew.
        Shimmer: I want to hear the story of the Marin Rose and the Knights of the Round Toadstool.
        Dragon: Yeah. Knights and toadstools are almost as fun as dragons.
        Wiggle: Hmm. I like it so far.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Michael Stokes is the writer for the first story and Dave Dias is the writer for the second story. Neil Affleck is the director for both.

      • Miss Spider tells the kids the story The Marin Rose. In the story as depicted on-screen, Spiderus is the King. Stinky is the Royal Stinkster. Shimmer, Squirt, Bounce and Dragon serve the king as brave knights.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • King: I never saw true beauty this day.

        The King is once again paraphrasing a line from Romeo and Juliet.

      • King: Enough! A rose, a rose! My kingdom for a rose!

        The King once again twists a line from Shakesepare, the actual line this time being, "A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!" from Richard III.

      • King: The Marin Rose? Fetch me that flower, for a rose by any other name doth stink.

        In the story The Marin Rose, the King twists a well-known line from the classic William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet.