Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 9

What a Tangled Web; Cry Buggie

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 17, 2004 on Treehouse

Episode Recap

What a Tangled Web: A butterfly is seen flying past the Hollow Tree and flies right into a web. Miss. Spider apologizes to the butterfly and explains that Squirt must have left it there while playing the other day. At that very moment, Squirt runs by saying that he and his friend are going to set the record for having the most fun in one day. As Squirt leaves, Miss. Spider knows that she'll have to clean up the webs by herself. While playing, Squirt, Dragon, Shimmer and Bounce notice more webs scattered all over Sunny Patch. They think about cleaning them until Roxie flies by and asks if they would like a ride with her and the kids all agree. But while flying, Roxie flies right into one of the webs and almost hurts herself. Squirt feels awful and decides to join his mom in cleaning up the webs. Shimmer, Bounce and Dragon soon join them later on. Later that day, Shimmer and Dragon feel bad that Squirt missed out on a ride with Roxie, so they decide to give him his own ride by holding a web for to hang onto as they fly it all over Sunny Patch. Cry Buggie: The kids are playing a practice soccerberry game so they can be ready for the big tournament that's coming up. While playing, Squirt scores the winning goal and brags how he will be the best player at the tournament. Wiggle, who was on the other team, is so upset that he lost that he bursts into tears. Miss. Spider cheers him up by offering him a piece of her famous cheery-up cherry cake. Squirt feels bad for Wiggle until Dragon says that he's just a "cry buggie." Later, Squirt asks Dragon what a cry buggie is. Dragon says that it's someone who cries like a baby and says that big bugs never cry. At that moment Squirt gets terrified at what he thinks is the shadow of an owl, but it just turns out to be a leaf. Dragon thinks Squirt is going to cry, but Squirt refuses to. Later, at another practice game, Squirt falls and hurts one of his legs. He claims that it's no big deal, but when he goes home, his leg is all swollen. His parents tell him that he'll have to miss the tournament. This makes Squirt feel sad, but he keeps saying to himself, "Big bugs don't cry," over and over. On the day of the tournament, Squirt watches the game while on a tree branch, wishing that he could be in it. He starts getting sadder and sadder but he is determined not to cry. Miss. Spider and Holley show up to keep him company. They look up at the clouds and explain to Squirt that when clouds travel, they pick a few things up like air and water and even a few bad feelings and soon the clouds have to let all them out in the form of rain. At that very moment, it starts to rain and Holley explains how rain is the clouds way of crying and that almost everyone has to cry sometimes. Squirt finally lets all his bad feelings come sobbing out and he starts to feel a bit better. Just then, a rainbow appears and Squirt that he feels just like the rainbow. When Squirt goes back into the cozy hole, he see all his siblings inside because the tournament was canceled because of the rain. Just then, Dragon comes in crying because he thinks it's not fair that the tournament was canceled. He tries to hide his tears and claims they are really raindrops, but Squirt tells him that it is okay to cry. Miss. Spider then calls everyone for some cheery up cherry cake.
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