Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 9

What a Tangled Web; Cry Buggie

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 17, 2004 on Treehouse



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    • Squirt: (singing) So what do you do when you feel so bad? / You just can't smile cause you feel so sad / There must be something else that I can try / Cause I'm not gonna / Sure don't wanna / No siree, not I / Cause big bugs they don't cry.

    • Squirt: Wow, Wiggle was pretty upset when I scored that goal.
      Dragon: Ah, he's just a cry buggie.

    • Squirt: (seeing the others in the Cozy Hole) What are you guys doing here?
      Shimmer: They canceled the rest of the tournament.
      Pansy: And someone took it a lot harder then anyone else.
      Dragon: (in tears) I really, really, wanted to play today. I almost scored. It's just not fair! (continues crying)

    • Dragon: (trying to hide his tears) I'm not really crying. They're just raindrops.
      Squirt: Don't be embarrassed. Big bugs do cry. When they need to.

    • Squirt: (observing a beautiful rainbow) Mom, Dad. That's what I feel like inside me right now --- a rainbow.

    • Miss Spider: Eventually, the cloud gets so full that it has to let everything out as
      Squirt: Rain.
      Miss Spider: rain. That's what we call it when a cloud cries. Isn't it, Holley?
      Holley: Yep, clouds, little bugs, big bugs, even Moms and Dads sometimes need to cry.

    • Squirt: (singing) It's just not fair that I can't play / My favorite game on a sunny day / Watching everybuggy run and fly / Just makes me wanna... But I'm not gonna...

    • Squirt: (to himself) Big bugs don't cry. Big bugs don't cry. (moans)

    • Squirt: So, uh, Dragon, what is a cry buggie?
      Dragon: Somebuggy that cries like a big baby. You know, like Wiggle.
      Squirt: So it's a bad thing to cry?
      Dragon: Well, I guess it's okay if you're little. But big bugs like me, we don't ever cry.

    • Holley: So much slupring to do and so little appetite to do it.

    • Bounce: Woo-hoo! Arriba! Giddy-up! Arriba! (laughs excitedly)

    • Roxie: Dragon? How's my favorite mini ace-in-training and your spiderific siblings?

    • Shimmer: Wow! That was great!
      Dragon: We had fun in every corner of Sunny Patch!
      Bounce: Yeah! Fun!

    • Miss Spider: Jumping junebugs! What's the hurry?
      Squirt: We're going to set the record for having the most fun in one day!
      Bounce: Fun!

    • Pansy: Sorry, Snowdrop. Somebuggy left their old web on the table.
      Snowdrop: Ick. Who's the litterbug?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene where Miss Spider and Holley slurp up the one strand of web and they end up kissing each other is a spoof to the famous scene in the film Lady and the Tramp.

    • In "Cry Buggie", Dragon claims that he never cries, but when the soccerberry tournament is cancelled due to rain, he bursts into tears. This is similar to the past episode, "The Listening Walk," where Dragon claims that nothing scares him, but when Wiggle blows a horn at the end, Dragon gets scared half to death.

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