Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 8

Wiggle's Squiggles; Basketberry Blues

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 16, 2004 on Treehouse
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Wiggle's Squiggles; Basketberry Blues
Wiggle's Squiggles: Miss Spider's kids are all attending art class and are taking part in an art competition. For the competition, Mr. Mantis asks them to paint a daisy. He says that to paint, all you have to do is find something to look at and then let your imagination take over. The kids quickly get into the painting and Wiggle paints a bright, colorful abstract version of the daisy. He's pleased with his work, but shocked when he finds that Shimmer has painted a photo-realistic duplicate. He tries to make his look like the flower, but gives up and decides that he's a failure at painting. When he tries literally bringing his painting to life, he learns an important lesson about art.

Basketberry Blues: Dragon has always kept score for basketberry games, but he's never really tried playing before. He claims that he's a scoreekeping bug, but Dragon thinks he might like to play. Miss Spider thinks so too and she assigns Dragon to teach Spinner how to play. Dragon tries, but Spinner seems like a hopeless case. He feels that it would help if he could just get Spinner to score one basket, but the plan he comes up with backfires. Both Dragon and Spinner learn about just why they like playing sports.moreless

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      • Miss Spider: Wiggle, what happened? Why didn't you try to paint the flower?
        Wiggle: I did try Mom. And tried and tried and tried, but I wasn't happy with it. (He shows her his painting.) See what I mean?
        Miss Spider: (gasps) Oh my goodness Wiggle, this is a lovely painting.

      • Dragon: (to Spinner) Remember when you shot the ball and it landed in Coach Grub's mouth? (imitates Coach Grub) "I do like Basket-berry, but not for lunch." (He starts laughing and then turns around to see Coach Grub glaring at him.)

      • Snowdrop: (after Squirt puts blue paint on her nose) Squirt.
        Squirt: Why so "blue," Snowdrop? (Snowdrop retaliates by putting yellow paint on his nose.) Snowdrop.
        Mr. Mantis: Let's try to keep our paint on our pictures okay?

      • Miss. Spider: (grabbing Squirt just as he's about to shoot a basketberry) Gotcha.
        Squirt: Good catch, Mom. But you're only supposed to grab the ball, not the player.
        Miss. Spider: Oh, thanks for explaining that, Squirt.

      • Wiggle: Can you help me with my painting?
        Shimmer: Sure. What do you need?
        Wiggle: For you to do it for me.

      • Shimmer: (talking to Wiggle while they're in bed) Anybuggy can paint.
        Wiggle: Really?
        Shimmer: Yeah.
        Dragon: But nobuggy can sleep with you two yapping.

      • Grub: (after Spinner accidentally throws the basket-berry into his mouth) You boys lose something? I do like Basket-berry, but not for lunch.

      • Dragon: So it isn't how good you are that counts. It's how much fun have trying.'
        Miss Spider: Swish.

      • Spinner: Mom! It was unbelievable. You shoulda seen me. Swish swish swish --- all over the place.

      • Dragon: If Spinner could just make one basket, I know he'd feel a lot better. And then maybe he'd start to make more baskets.

      • Spinner: Sorry, Dragon. I'm not much of a basketberry player. I'm more of a scorekeepin' bug.

      • Bounce: I painted my favorite color! Green! Green! Green!

      • Miss Spider: Honey, a painting doesn't have to look exactly like something to be good.

      • Wiggle: Anybuggy can paint, except for me.

      • Miss Spider: My my. Looks like you little bugs went swimming in a rainbow.
        Bounce: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
        Holley: I'd say it's time for all little artistes to scrub-a-dub in the ole bathtub.

      • Wiggle: Wow. My painting looks just like how I feel. Sunny.

      • Kids: Painting pictures is so much fun / You can make a daisy / Or color the sun / A dab and a splash and a squiggly swirl / You can paint the whole wide world.

      • Wiggle: I still haven't found blue. How am I going to paint the perfect painting if I don't have blue?
        Dragon: Here's a bunch of blue, just for you!

      • Wiggle: I can't wait to start painting 'cause I'm gonna be an artist.

      • Wiggle: Boy, I didn't know hunting for colors could be so much work. (grunts of effort) Gotcha! But it sure is fun.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Basketberry Blues is available as Miss Spider easy-reader book by David Kirk. Wiggle's Squiggles is also available as a picture-book by David Kirk, featuring a pop-up surprise at the end.

      • David Wilks and Elizabeth Keyishian are a writing team whose previous work does not include any children's animated programs. They have previously partnered in writing for programs such as Mutant X and Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.

      • Steven Sullivan is credited as Steve Sullivan.

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