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  • bring missing back and find a new way to decide what shows stay and go because this system sucks.

    I don't understand why they drop shows so quickly. I only just found this show and am very intrigued by it and it is apparently already over after one season. The way that they pick what shows stay and go is ridiculous, I mean how do they get there ratings anyway. It use to be how many people were tuned in to a station during a set time but now people record shows and watch them on demand or hulu etc. They really should update how shows are rated so we can still have something good to watch.
  • PLEASE bring back Missing!!!!!

    First of all, Ashley Judd is my fav of all actors. Every performance of hers is a work of art. She is amazing! I was SHOCKED when "Missing" went missing, we seriously need more . series like this one. I would love to have the whole series, can I buy it anywhere? Adria
  • I am missing Missing!!!!!

    Why do so good serials like Missing are cancelled? I mean how on earth can series like Missing and the Firm are cancelled and the most stupid series like Hawaii five 0 are running.

    Missing for sure, was the best ever action series on TV. Infact too good for TV.

    Please bring it back
  • Finally a nice change

    It was nice to see different parts of the world while a woman with exceptional skills searched for her son and justice. I was disappointed at the end when it was she that was "missing" .... Since she was the main character ..... leading us to believe the father and son would search for her .... I was hoping for more of a husband and wife team rejoining the FBI and capturing dangerous criminals around the world.
  • we ALL hate reality tv, call it what it really is, CHEAP TV...

    nobody watches it and u guys are losing ur audiences... screw reality TV and bring back real entertainment, . shows like missing... i don't know a single person who watches any reality tv show... i no longer watch tv at all, have cancelled my cable 4 years ago... download everything i watch off internet with no commercials because of reality tv crap... have abandoned the networks and even the cable/sat companies.. u guys suc
  • Give Missing a Fighting Chance

    Did you know that the cast would get together and watch the show while the fans do and chat with us. They are truly committed to this series and so are we. Missing is good. I mean it's so good people probably cannot remember when they saw a show so decent that follows through on its story-lines. It looks foreign to them, no wonder the network isn't giving it the chance it needs to stay on a bit longer to prove it. Ratings would grow in time, just look at the support it has. I don't think TV has ever brought to us such a determined mother. It shows me the true value of love and the lengths anyone would go. Come on, that alone needs a thumbs up.

    There are those who are passionate and have created a petition for us to bring our show back for at least one season. Let's start here and pass the message:


    and http://www.thepetitionsite.com/997/686/082/renew-missing-for-abc/

    This series encouraged me to start reviewing again. That should count for something.

    Lexa Reviews lexabuti.blogspot.com
  • Really bad...

    Superwomen special ex CIA mother is looking for her poor and innocent son who got kidnapped by an army of evil spies in a world wide conspiracy. It's like 24 meets a one person A Team mother in a bad B movie from the 80's. Supermother kicks bad guys by the dozen. It's so full of clichees, I even bet the bad guy is the guy who brought the son back after his father died (or didn't die) - because he looked like a stereotype bad guy from the 80's.

    I just don't know how Ashley Judd and Sean Bean could end up in such a cheap trash.
  • Bring back Missing

    I rarely watch network television but this show had me hooked. I imagine that the show was expensive to produce with its European locations - but that was part of the magic. I think "Dallas" was the last show that affected me this way. It has been a long dry spell from "Dallas" to "Missing". Sigh!

  • I loved this show

    I loved this show, why do they always cancel the good shows. I was really looking forward to watching the next season... This sucks. ABC you all are idiots for canceling this show! Put the show back on!!!!
  • Can't Believe They Cancelled this show

    How come everytime there is a good show it gets cancelled. Now their going to put something stupid (like another singing competion show because we need that) in its place that is going to fail. Bring this show back, when are they going to realize they had a good show.
  • Missing MUST come back for a Season 2 at least

    All the way from Africa we are hooked onto the TV screen when ever one of the MISSING Episodes were broadcasted.

    We appeal to ABC or a new network to continue this absolute thrilling, exciting and most entertaining Show!

    We all want to continue enjoying great TV shows, keep on our toes and under suspense...

    Thank you!
  • Missing

    I love Missing. It's a hang on your seat at every corner kind of show. There are a lot of twists and turns and things that happen that you won't expect. I can't wait to see the next show, sometimes a keep them recorded so I can do a marathon ... it's that good!
  • Action filled, adrenaline!!

    For some reason they always seem to take the good shows off TV. Y would anyone want to cancel this show I still can't understand. I keep up with this show so much!! Idiots! Put it on USA or NBC it would be better off on one of those stations

  • An Amazing Show

    I don't know why a lot of people are not liking the show. It's probably one of the best shows at the moment. Since Prison Break, this is definitely a really good drama/action series. Sososososo mad it was cancelled, I wanted to see what they were going to do next, :(
  • Why Cancelled?

    I loved this show, even though it had the what will happen to the show after she finds her son effect, hoping that it doesn't become same-old-same-old, but I must say the season finale was awesome. Leaving you wanting more. It's a pity they cancelled it, would have liked to see what they would have to do in order to find Becca (after all she is a trained agent). Maybe they will have a change of mind (here's hoping).
  • Missing was awesome

    I think Missing should be NBC, I believe ABC is a family show and most people don't like the show, because it isn't sweet and innocent. I think either NBC or CBS audiences would enjoy this show. I think the finale was awesome, showing that the father and son had to work together to find Ashley Judd. I think some networks need to watch the competior shows and say if you don't want it, We will take it.
  • Please don't cancel a good show

    I can't believe that their cancelling this show its exciting and Ashley Judd is awsome. Why is ABC canceling it if the ratings are good?
  • missing

    We love 'missing' What is wrong with all you people? Best new show of 2011... You have even said ... do not miss the EXCITING last show... Bummer...............................
  • How can someone not like this?

    First of all - I've loved Ashley Judd since I was a 10, I think she' so graceful and amazing in everything she does, and I was surprised to see her in a tv-show.

    Guess what I was more surprised of? That Sean Bean, man whose departure from Game of Thrones I had just been mourning for past two months, was already back on tv!. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see him again, so soon, in a new show. He' s so good, not to mention, good-looking. I think this is such an exciting show, and the actors are doing a fine job (including the ever so amazing Keith Carradine, wo-hoo!) but I still don't think this show will keep going as interesting as it is now, since Michael can't be lost forever, or else there won't be a show, and it'll stop being interesting after season 1, I'm sure. There are very rare action tv-show's that are interesting even after season 2 - remember Prison Break? Ugh. First 2 seasons were awesome, but then the whole thing just blew apart. I think only 24 (with the amazing Kiefer) has been able to come up with great storylines for every season, but even 24 wasn't as interesting after season 6 as it were before.

    So my point being - since this show is probably heading towards cancellation, I'm really hoping that season 1 won't end with a cliffhanger, and the whole Winstone family (WHOLE family, not minus one Sean Bean!!!) is reunited and can live, as cliche it might sound, happily ever after, so the show can rest in peace, and not haunt me for years to come with what could've happened.

    And seriously. Don't kill Sean Bean. I've already had to deal with it once this year. I don't think I'll be able to do it again.
  • I will not be "missing" this show

    Just let her rescue her son and get it over with.

    The acting is very poor as is the script.

  • Missing... more episodes.. ;)

    I sure as hell hope they wont cancel this show.. I think its great.. and Ashley Judd looks amazing as always ;) hot hot hot ;)
  • painfully predictable

    Too watch this one must have really too much free time
  • Tried, but gave up...

    I knew exactly what was going to be said in each scene more or less. And if I hear 'my son' one more time! Couldn't they mix it up with 'him' or his name (which I don't even know)??
  • It's growing!

    When I first saw the commercial I didn't like it, but after I watched the first two episodes I was instantly hooked!

    If you haven't seen it i recommend giving it a try!
  • Tried, but couldn't.

    It's a toned down--way down--Alias, except all she does is search and kick everyone's butt in an unrealistic boring way. Yeah, because that'll happen. This would have been a better movie--oh wait, it was! Taken!!
  • Bad cliche

    Extraordinary CIA/Soccer mom goes to Europe, trashes everywhere and fights whole population of Europe to find the missing son.

    Another boring us good VS them evil TV show.
  • Best Fan scenes on TV at the moment. Cautious optimism

    Just saw this pilot ...and I must say am looking forward to the next epi come Thursday.

    Its the first epi so things are still kinda sketchy but so far its been well acted script has been interesting and engaged my full attention.

    I must commend the fight scenes though, I havent been this thrilled since Human target went off air( they had the bestest awesomest fight scenes) looks the the stunt people on this are cut from the same cloth.

    Its early days folks so give this a chance.

  • Emma Peel On Steriods Is A Good Thing? Time Will Tell...

    Ever wish that instead of fading sliently into the tv static Emma Peel from the Avengers would have got her own show? Sure you did, even if you didn't know it, because everyone loves a attractive classy, and slightly mature, woman with smarts who also kicks butt. That is a bit of the promise hinted at here as Ashley Judd lands with a "pow" on your TV screen.

    The story revolves around a ex-CIA couple where the husband is killed in a terrorist attact, the wife quits and lives a normal life for the next ten years until her son disappears while studying in Rome. What's a retired soccer mom to do except to get back to her CIA roots and become a one-woman find my son "force of nature"? Now it sounds more like Emma Peel meets "Taken" which while not too original has a certain appeal.

    Ashley Judd has been a kind of stereotypical "damsel in distress" in most of her previous movies. While a solid actress she has been victim of a limited range and mediocre films. Still she has proven bankable, and why not as she is attractive and likable right up until her roles add up to a kind of grating one-dimension irritating sameness. At this point it seems sensible to pick-up with the known, and trusted, distress and turn it inside out, and that is what Ms. Judd seeks to do here as a kind of superbad herione.

    The good certainly includes the location being Rome. It is beautiful, old, and sinister. Also, Ashely Judd looks nice, if conflicted; she;s between a 2012 Betty Crocker and a new-millenium Emma Peel. She can waft between the two as she is physically fit, naturally good looking sans make-up, and even somewhat likeable (she can illicit some sympathy here which juxtaposes with being unstoppable to the point of absurdadity). I can't stress the likeable part enough as in her past roles she has largely failed that litmus test when the final analysis has come down. She has a sliver of it to build on here and I hope it isn't squandered as the show progresses. The requirement of the viewer is to be able to suspend reasonable believability in lieu of action sequences starring the one-woman wrecking crew. Did I mention there's action and lots of it?

    The bottom line is it is way early to judge "Missing". It has real potential in spite of being full of recycled pieces and the straining of believablity of one "unbreakable" heroine.
  • Bad...

    It's like Taken. Except poorly written, acted, directed and produced. Watch the first episode for a laugh and then forget it exists.
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