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  • Theme songs for the show...

    I love this show! I don't know why it was cancelled. I saw many requests for the shows theme song(s) . I hope this will help.

    Season 1 "This Dream Is Real" was sung by Actress-Gloria Reuben as FBI Agent Brooke Haslett.

    Season 2 " 'Til I Find You" was sung by Actress-Vivica A. Fox as FBI Agent Nicole Scott.

    The words for Season 1 are easy to follow, I think that that is all to it. However, I searched for the words to season 2 theme song & came up empty.
  • Missing Seasons 1 - 3

    I really found this series quite enjoyable. I am a big fan of Gloria Reuben and felt she truly did an outstanding job in series 1. Expecting to see her in season 2 I was disappointed as I really like her but found Vivica Fox a wonderful addition to the cast as Caterina Scorsone partner. I wish I could have found this series when it was available on DVD as I would really like to add all 3 series to my collection. Is the 2012 series with Ashley Judd a run off from this series? If so, I hope they do more than 3 series. I had hoped that there would be more with the original Missing series.
  • we ALL hate reality tv, call it what it really is, CHEAP TV...

    nobody watches it and u guys are losing ur audiences... screw reality TV and bring back real entertainment, . shows like missing... i don't know a single person who watches any reality tv show... i no longer watch tv at all, have cancelled my cable 4 years ago... download everything i watch off internet with no commercials because of reality tv crap... have abandoned the networks and even the cable/sat companies.. u guys suc
  • love this show

    I need to know what happens after season 3???? bring it
  • Love this show!!!

    Why are so many people confusing this wonderful show with a show staring Ashley Judd? This show with Caterina Scorsone, Vivica A. Fox, and so many other wonderful actors was simply amazing! I could not stop watching in on Netflix! I wish that I could have watched it while it was still on the air. This show was unforgettable!
  • Missing

    Bring back Missing with ashley Judd... Season 1 can't leave you hanging!
  • Missing

    A.B.C. we wnat Missing back we wnat it back we wnat it back we wnat it back so were is it A.B.C.
  • "MISSING"....

    ...something ABC is doing. The program "Missing" was clearly in the wrong time slot. It was an engrossing series and was one redeeming reason to watch ABC. All it needs is a 9:00 slot. Loose some of the garbage "REAL" TV. There is nothing real about television. IT'S ENTERTAINMENT. I thought the days of riveting entertainment were dead. Then came "MISSING". Shame on you.
  • S1, E8. Ties that bind

    Anyone know the song that's playing at the end of the episode right before the credits start?
  • REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have talked to so many of my friends also people that I know from the gym, and to people that I talk to in line at the super market etc, I talk to everyone where ever I am........and when I mention the show MISSING they ALL say its so action packed, from the begining to the end and can't wait until the next show...Then someone told me that it was cancelled........again.............REALLY!!!!

    What's the real reason.....the stars don't want to do it anymore? Its NOT making the network enough MONEY? The network thinks its a Womens show...Well the ending switched that..NOW the Son and Husband are going to have to search for Her.....Will that make the MEN feel better....I am a Mother of 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren, they all love the show, and feel that when something is worth watching, who cares who the dominant sex is as the stars.............We need more shows that the whole family can watch
  • Missing

    Best show on TV...Why would ABC consider cancelling it!!!
  • Is ABC nuts or what?

    "Missing" was such an awesome show. I never liked Ashley Judd until I watched this show. I was hooked from the very start and A.J. is now one of my favorite actresses. The whole concept was fantastic. I liked the ending...it is a perfect ending for bring back the show. Come on ABC don't let me down.

    ABC, you don't know what you're doing by cancelling Missing. It was the most thrilling, edge-of-your seat, can't miss one second kind of show, which doesn't come along often and it will be missed by MANY!! ABC has cancelled several great shows over the past year (Brothers and Sisters, All My Chidren, and now Missing) and I, along with my friend and family members are watching less and less of ABC because of this. Only giving a show less than 5 months to air is wrong and you can't gather good metrics in just 5 months. SAD, VERY SAD FOR ABC!!!!! I can only hope and pray they will bring it back!! At least the way it ended there's a possibility.,
  • A Great Show!

    I was hooked from the beginning. It's too bad they ended it and ended it so poorly. They so should bring it back. But in all honestly, that won't happen, which is a bummer.
  • Why!? It seems they only destroy the best tv shows ever.

    Great show, Worst thing they did was take it off air!
    Great show, Worst thing they did was take it off air!
    Great show, Worst thing they did was take it off air!
    Great show, Worst thing they did was take it off air!
    Great show, Worst thing they did was take it off air!
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Hopefully they will bring it back
    Its actually possible!
  • When Lifetime canceled Missing, I stopped watching Lifetime...

    ...Lifetime became "television for women who enjoy being raped by our idiotic programming executives" when they canceled this program for low ratings, yet kept programs with worse ratings...

    ...sure, the first season was a bit uneven, as the producers had to establish the combination of relatively realistic, psychic-aided crime detection with relatively realistic missing person recovery operations, all within the Lifetime rubric - and that wasn't easy...

    ...so when they moved the setting from (ostensibly) Indianapolis to Washington (but they traveled around the country, as well as a foreign adventure or two), and added Pollock (Justin Louis) and Cortes (Mark Consuelos), they were well on their way to hitting their stride. Casting Louis was a really inspired move, imo.

    Admittedly, Vivica Fox was the weak point of the show (Gloria Reuben was much better) - but that's like saying that a risotto is short five grains of salt, as she wasn't that bad, except in comparison to the rest of the cast - especially Caterina Scorsone.

    Bring Missing back!
  • watched the entire 3 seasons on netflix and i am so angry this great show ended like this or it ended at all one of the most entertaining shows i have seen in a long time.

    maybe if lifetime had advertised it better it would have lasted longer, it should have been on one of the major 3 networks...the characters were very real and i was so very glad they brought jack back for jess they had amazing chemistry, but we never got to see where it went. antonio and agent scott deserved more time to develop. however i did not like the way season one ended and season two began their should have been some closure when you revamp an entire cast. for jess and brooke to have been so close and then just disappear out of her life that was wierd. it was great to see the human side of pollock it was a great cast and a great show and im am so sad to know it ended that way. i originally checked out the show because mark was in it and i have been a fan since All My Children when i was a teenager and i loved that kelly guest starred..
  • What on earth was wrong with Jess?

    In the episode "So Shall Ye Reap" towards the end Jess got into the car, and Janey told her "You're making a big mistake!" Jess, simply told Janey to "Shut Up."

    Now Janey's been dead for some time, however she frequently talks to Jess in her visions, usually at times when Jess is wrong, or missing something. The first real vision Janey was in she told Jess she was "messing up again." Which allowed Jess to notice something relevant to the case. So when Jess had this vision, and Janey flat told her as she was leaving that she was "Making a Mistake" Jess SHOULD have realized that something bad was happening. -Because Jess ignored her vision, Antonio died. Now I'm not blaming Jess, I'm just saying she SHOULD have known something was up. However I do blame Lifetime, for canceling the show, I mean the episode AFTER this one is, or, was critical, and it may not exist. (I'm referring to "Tough Love" according to TV.com, however I have yet to find this episode or any evidence of it.)
  • Hey I love this show. It's to bad they didn't do more episodes. The cast was great!! I've been recording the shows on DVR on Lifetime real women.

    I give it 2 thumbs up! The cast is great the story keeps you coming back for more. I hope the reunite and do more shows. This is what I think. they should have not cancelled this show; not unless the cast had other projects coming up. I would like to know what happened in the last episode. Agent Scott (AKA Vivica A Fox) and agent Mastriani are great together. Agent Cortez and there boss are great for the show. In the first season I really like Sunny and Brooke along with Jess. I do like season two and three better because it becomes more interesting when Jess becomes an FBI agent
  • I love this show to death but what were the writers thinking ending it like that!?!? They should have at least had an episode for Antonio's funeral or SOMETHING!

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it when it was airing new episodes, but I was able to watch repeats and caught up. First season was GREAT I actually liked it better in a whole, but seasons 2 and 3 had their highlights. It was a little bit confusing who Mastriani was seeing every episode, she's such a player =P, but that's really my only complaint so, go Missing! Okay, maybe not my only complaint... why the heck did they end it that way!?!? Another episode wouldn't have killed them, you know one of those sentimental, tear-jerking episodes would have been nice! Guess bringing it back is out of the question since all the actors have moved on, but this was one hell of a show with a great plot. CHEERS! :D
  • I Love This Show Soo Much ,, i Can't Wait untill I See It,, It's Amazing Show, I Hope They Make A New Season For It ,I Can't Wait Till I Get Back From College Early To Watch It ,, And I'm a Big Fan,, It's a Great Show

    Hi All.. My name Is Smai Kaddoura I'm From Lebanon but I Live In Egypt, And I'm A Big Fan Of This Show, I Love It Soooo much,,It's A Great Show, And I Watch It Every Day On MBC4, At About 3:30 pm

    I Love THe Most Three Agent And The Boss,He Is Cool

    And I hope Also The Make A New Season For It, Cause If They DOn't That wOuld Be So Shame, Cause It Is The Most Great Show, I Really Can't Feel Boring At All When I see The sHow,, I Always Wait For It, I Love It. And I Hope They Keep Showing It On
  • I don't understand how they could end So Shall Ye Reap the way they did.

    OK I have no idea what the writers were thinking for this episode. I mean it was a great episode till the end. Obviously Antonio is dead but how could they sort of leave it open for another episode but then end?? And tv.com even lists another episode after So Shall Ye Reap but why didn't lifetime ever air it?? IDK I thought MISSING was a great show and they ruined it with that ending. I hope they bring it back cause So Shall Ye Reap cant be the last episode for MISSING. I do think it would suck without Antonio but i would still like to see 1 or a few more episodes.
  • Why was it cancelled?

    MISSING is one of the best and most original television programmes that I have ever seen.The idea of the main character having visions which helps them with their cases is brilliant.And the chemistry between Mark Consuelos and Vivica A Fox helps give the characters more personality and dimension.In all the three seasons,every episode was original unlike some programmes in which episodes have a deja vu feeling.The charcter of Jess is portrayed amizingly and the visions are acted in a way that they are believeable.The way MISSING ended was so sad and had me crying my heart out.This show should never have left the airwaves!!!
  • MISSING is a super show!

    I remember the first episode I saw of MISSING. It was back in season one and Jess had been kidnapped and was almost shot before Brooke showed up and it was by the lake. That was a great episode and the one that got me hooked on the show. I watched every single episode of MISSING, taping many of them so I could go back and watch again over and over. When MISSING ended, I was disappointed. Not knowing if there would be another season, I found it hard to accept the fact that they just blow up Antonio and left us there. But the show as a whole was awesome. Especially the whole thing between Jess and Jack, who had the show continued, I think would have ended up together.
  • I really love this show and I wish it would come back into a time slot that I can watch. At the moment they have got on during the day when I'm at work. Not Fair

    I think the show is very powerful. I love the mystery of each show and it deals with some real life situations.
    I love the way you think that the actors are really are these people it just goes show how good they are their job. They must all get on very well to play these parts. At the moment I\\\'m missing out on seeing the show because they have changed the time slot which has upset me greatly because I have missed out on seeing what happened to Antonio when his car blew up. I was hoping that Nicole & Antonio would work out I hope Jess doesn\\\'t end up with anyone else but Colin because they seem to have a connnection which is full of mystery.
  • This is the best progamme about the FBI on tv

    The cast is great i enjoy whatching it on tv i do like all the CSI on tv and i think missing is one of the top porgamme if not the the greats US progamme ever on tv. it is up there with Bristh progamme like midsumer murders, silence witness and inspector morse i hope there will be more to come. it show what pressure the police and the fbi have to work under all time. with actor and actress like caterina scorsone (jess mastriani), vivica a fox (nicole scott),mark consuelos (antonio cortez) just louis (john pollock) and with jess having vision is great i think and hope it will go on
  • The best show ever!!!!!!!

    This is my new favourite tv show. It was previously Lost and The OC but now I am addicted to Missing. I adore the characters-Vivica Fox as ass-kicking, streetwise sista Nicole Scott is perfect and Caterina Scorsone as wide eyed innocent Jess Mastriani makes the show. Mark Consuelos is so hot!!!!!! I envy Vivica Fox for getting to kiss him as part of her job. Justin Louis is hilarious with a hidden family side-when his marriage breaks down I feel so sorry for him, its horrible. My favourite episode are all the ones based around Antonio and Nicole, they are such a good couple and I'd love to see them together in real life!!!!!!

    Bheul, seo e daoine...slan anois!!!!!!!
  • Vivica A Fox is one of the worst actresses I have ever had the mispleasure to see. She cant act - she is fake and far overdone is performance. She makes the show not wort watching

    This show would be good if not for Vivica A. Fox. She is a lousy actress-she overacts. She appears fake and rehearsed. She sure is not the right kind of match for the lead man. Her personality is non existant and she annoys me beyond explanation. She is the reason I do not turn this show on unless there is nothing else to watch. the show has good content - it is just her. You would get a lot more viewers if you replaced her inept acting.
  • Show about missing people.

    This show is also a favorite of mine. It's only one point away from my favorite show of all time, Strong Medicine. Both shows were on Lifetime Television for Women. Vivica A. Fox(Nicole Scott), Caterina Scorsone(Jess Mastriani), and Mark Consuelos(Antonio Cortez) are good parts for this show. I like when Nicole and Antonio have their little 'fling' and try to play it cool when at work, but everybody knows, including Nicoles other co-worker, Jess. Jess has these 'visions' and she gets clues of where people are or her own personal problems. Really, though, you should just try the show out to see how it works for you.
  • Great first season, déjà vu second season...

    I wish it was possible to review the show by seasons!

    I loved the first season. I really liked Brook’s character, her thoughtful way to approach the investigations and Jess’s visions. Both of them were reflecting the complexity of the task of investigating and at the same time, decoding visions. The work was more “transparent” and step by step.

    The appearance of Nicole’s character gave a 180 degrees turn to the show. It became more active, more assertive but more hectic. Nicole appears like a boring “knows it all” and gives everybody lessons of her own creation, mostly condescendant to Jess. She is way too close to her guns and the transition from the enigma to its solution is quite blurry. Most of the time, one could believe that the happy ending takes place thanks to a miracle… Yarn...

    I only watch the show because of Jess's character. She is the one holding the show together, thanks for that!
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