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Mission Hill

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Meet Andy French, a 24-year-old captivatingly lazy guy. Together with his nerdy teenage brother Kevin, he lives in a big city loft. However, these two new roommates couldn't be more polar opposite: Andy can never seem to settle on a particular job or girlfriend, while Kevin never gets anything lower than an A in school nor does he get a girlfriend. "The show takes place in the fictional city of Cosmopolis's equally fictional neighborhood of Mission Hill". It's a diverse place with interesting people living in it. Fellow roommates include Posey Tyler, the capricious girl who hides a secret dark side, and Andy's mellow best friend Jim Kuback who's well-connected to the hip downtown scene and has a luxurious job. Across the hall are Natalie, Carlos and their baby. Carlos is a painter, while Natalie is a professor. Next door are Gus and Wally, a gay couple in their 60s. Picked up in the fall of 1997 by the head of programming at the time Garth Ancier, Mission Hill didn't hit the air until long after he left the network. While that in itself is usually enough to kill a new series, achieving a two share on just its second outing certainly helped finish it off. One wonders what the WB was expecting after slotting it so awkwardly (first a "sneak preview" on Tuesday, then, two weeks later, a time period debut on Friday), but both Ancier's successor, Susanne Daniels, and Castle Rock agreed that having the series kick off a lineup consisting of The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show and For Your Love was asking too much of it. So it went on hiatus after just two episodes. The WB claimed that they would bring it back in the spring, but when the time rolled around they didn't feel it was worth bringing back in season, nor did they feel it was worth pairing up with another long-delayed animated show they mishandled, Baby Blues. It came as a shock to the producers when the network called them up and said they had 15 weeks open that summer to burn off the 11 leftover episodes. Mission Hill was no longer asked to kick off a lineup consisting of The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show and For Your Love. Now, it was asked to have a lineup consisting of The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show and For Your Love kick off it. Four weeks of that and the WB kicked Mission Hill off the lineup once again. Finally in 2001, Cartoon Network bought the rights to the series, and aired it in order and in its entirety from May to August in 2002. The series ended up being 13 episodes, which Adult Swim has run on a number of occasions. The scripts were written for episodes 14-18 and 14-16 made it to animatic, but the show got pulled in production. IN addition, 14-16 almost made it to the Mission Hill DVD, but there were further complications. Broadcast History Sep 1999, Tue 9:00-9:30 Oct 1999, Fri 8:00-8:30 Jun 2000-Jul 2000, Sun 9:30-10:00 Number of episodes that aired on WB: 6 Number of episodes that aired on AS: 13 Number of episodes that made it to the DVD: 13 Number of episodes that made it to the animatic (were animated): 16 Number of episodes planned: 18 Theme song "Italian Leather Sofa" (instrumental) Written by John McCrea Performed by Cake Mission Hill is a Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Production, in association with Castle Rock Entertainment


    November 29, 2005 DVD Releases

  • Bill Oakley

    Bill Oakley

    George Bang

    Josh Weinstein

    Josh Weinstein

    Toby Mundorf

    Vicki Lewis

    Vicki Lewis

    Posey Tyler / Natalie Leibowitz-Hernandez

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Wally / Fechstein / Sasha / Griffo / Mr. Cresto / Nice Freak

    Brian Posehn

    Brian Posehn

    Jim Kuback

    Scott Menville

    Scott Menville

    Kevin French

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    • It was great

      Too bad it didn't get a lot of attention.
    • A 24 year old man, Andy, who draws cartoon comics, but he appears to be lazy, in his apartment. Andy is told by his pairents that his nerdy little brother, Kevin, will be living with him.moreless

      Why did this show had to end? I actully like Mission Hill.

      Mission Hill is about a 24 year old man, Andy, who draws cartoon comics, but he appears to be lazy, in his apartment. Other people live in the appartment like: a female who may be considred a hippie, two homosexual men who use to live in Los Angelus, a artistic father who has a wife and a newborn child, and etc. Andy is told by his pairents that his nerdy little brother, Kevin, will be living with him. Andy first couldn't handle Kevin but he soon got use to his little brother living with him...I think.

      I liked how in some episodes, you got to learn something you havn't knew about a character. One example is learning that there was a never before shown season of "The Real World" in Mission Hill.

      I can't really explane more on why I like Mission Hill, just go and watch it on [Adult Swim] or something.moreless
    • Annoying douchebags that aren't funny live together in Mission Hill.

      What are you people talking about? I have given this show tons of chances, and I still think it really sucks. The character are all unlikeable and annoying, the plotlines are unoriginal, and the script has yet to make me laugh. I have watched several epiodes of this on adult swim in attempt to understand why everyone loves it so much, but I still don't get it. This show is trying too hard to be funny, and it fails miserably. The animation is interesting and it's better than an infomercial at 3 am when I can't sleep, but seriously, people, what is the deal?moreless
    • Animated eyesore...

      In the history of Prime-Time animated shows there are some that endear us with their characters & the myriad situations they get themselves in (e.g. The Simpsons & South Park) & then there are the shows that are so ghastly, one wonders just how they managed to appear on American TV at all.

      Mission Hill just happens to be a prime example of a ghastly cartoon.

      Just what is so funny about a melange of archetypical sitcom characters who are so repellent such as a burnt-out "flower child", a gay couple(how original) & of course some bespectacled geek who belongs in a circus side show who also happens to be the young brother of the main character, a slacker.

      I am certain that the ONLY people who enjoy this effete cartoon are those who watch Kevin Smith films under the influence of illegal narcotics, no doubt.moreless
    • Bring it back one of the greatest shows that was animated. Why was it ever cancelled. I loved that show.

      A great show has cutting edge comedy i couldn't stop laughing during the pilot. I don't get why it was cancelled i wish they would bring it back. I would start a petition if i knew how. That's how much i like the show. It's up there with futurama and family guy in funny. If it would of done more episodes and seasons people would have watched it more the only did 13 real episodes. I wish they would do a movie for this show it would be great. They could cast some really cool people. Overall it is a great show.moreless

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