Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 5

Andy Gets a Promotion (or How to Get Head in Business Without Really Trying)

Aired Unknown Jul 09, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Posie says "The Newyorker doesn't publish many cartoons" its a joke becasue the Newyorker publishes very dry smart comics only.

    • When Jim says he'll eat in his room he tears off a piece of the couch but a few seconds later its still there.

    • Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein had planned another episode about Andy's cartoons. He was going be working at a "Tower Records-esque store" and his favorite cartoonist would be doing a signing there. The cartoonist would have told him to keep working at it.

  • Quotes

    • Ron: Sign or I KILL you

    • Customer: Uh excuse me sir uh I need help getting a bed.
      Andy:(uncaring) No you don't you're doing great.

    • Andy: I can't believe those cretons are getting published, while I'm working myself to death in this lousy job. Hey, wanna take off early?
      Gwen: Bitchin'

    • Andy:I'm not a cartoonist anymore. I'm just dirty, old, raunchy McSmutbag, I run strip clubs, and date sleazy women
      Shelly: Hey, How is that supposed to make me feel?
      Andy: Oh, not women - woman - just you.
      Shelly: Oh Andy, you say the sweetest things.

    • Kevin: Andy and that woman kept me up all night.
      Jim: Me too.
      Kevin: Does sex always sound like that?
      Jim: No, they must be doing something wrong.

    • Ron: Turn off the alarm and get to work!
      Andy: But we don't have the code!
      Ron: Because if you did, you'd rob me blind.

    • Kevin: Andy, may I see your cartoons too?
      Andy: No, Kevin, I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you have sense of humor cancer.

    • Shelly: Where do you keep the cocaine in this joint?

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode to have Ron as a main character.

    • In Andy's cartoon the meat toucher the definition of Kafkaesque is an auctorial descriptive which is used to describe concepts, situations, and ideas which are reminiscent of the literary work of Prague writer Franz Kafka, particularly his novels The Trial and The Metamorphosis.

    • The guy in Andy's Cartoon Chocolates 'R' Us says "I hate chocolate, but do you mind if I have a look around?"

    • All of Andy's cartoons were drawn by Bill Oakley

  • Allusions

    • Jim: She's sleazy and not in the good John Waters way.
      John Waters is a cult film writer and director known for the disgusting nature of his films.

    • The "dirty" title (the one in parentheses) is taken from the movie How to Get Ahead in Business Without Really Trying.

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