Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 8

Andy Joins the PTA (or Great Sexpectations)

Aired Unknown May 26, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Kevin insists Andy go to his parent/teacher conferences, because their mom and dad said so. When Andy refuses, Kevin calls up his mom and dad to force him into going.

At Pomper High, Andy bumps into Toby's excitable mother, who tries in vain to get him to join the PTA. Meanwhile, to reward himself for getting straight "A's," Kevin treats himself to an online RPG computer game, Virtual Valkyrie, with Andy's money, then hooks up with Toby to fight evil Vikings. Elsewhere, after seeing Posey's excess crop of organically grown vegetables, Jim suggests she start her own business selling the extras.

Andy is bored talking to all of Kevin's professors -- until he meets his hot, ex-marine English teacher, Miss Peck. After coming clean that he's Kevin's brother, Andy asks her out, but she's so disgusted by the booze on his breath and his lack of parental involvement that she cuts the conference short. To prove to her that he is responsible, Andy says there's nothing he wouldn't do for Kevin. Unfortunately, he says it just as Mrs. Mundorf runs into him again, believing he's changed his mind about the PTA.

Posey, meanwhile, attempts to sell her vegetables at Gus' diner, but to no avail. Kevin returns from a break in the game to find their fortress destroyed while Toby (who fell asleep) was supposed to be guarding it. To get even, Kevin sells him to a Norse slave trader.

Andy receives an unwelcome wake-up call from the PTA, who've decided to have this meeting at his apartment, but manages to impress Miss Peck anyway with his hip plans for the school dance. A vengeful Toby tells Kevin he'll get even with him the minute he turns his back on his computer. While setting up the dance, a suddenly interested Miss Peck tells Andy she's looking forward to seeing Kevin there. When Andy learns Kevin has no intention of leaving his computer, he has to lure him out of the house by agreeing to find him a date.

Posey goes to George's father's, Howard's, stand to try to make a sale, but when he thinks her vegetables and her prices are crazy, she lures all his customers away, sells her stuff on the street, and leaves him no choice but to buy her out.

Andy goes out date hunting for Kevin, and finds a trashy Latino chick who'll agree to do it for $200. After Andy drags a sleep-deprived Kevin away from the computer, Kevin sees his chance to destroy Toby's fortress when he spots Toby there. Toby notices him there as well, and the two jump ship quick. In a race home, Toby smashes a stolen bike right into the vegetable stand Howard just set up.

Back at the dance, Andy and Miss Peck are in the middle of a slow dance when she admits to misjudging him. Andy's nice guy ruse is foiled, however, when Kevin's date-for-hire demands her money, other kids get drunk after Kevin's alcoholic teacher spikes the punch, and a battered and bruised Kevin returns to the dance and collapses on the floor after losing the race -- and the game.
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