Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 9

Andy vs. The Real World (or The Big-Ass Viacom Lawsuit)

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Both people the Viacom executive instructs to clean out the Port-O-Potties are former Real World cast members - Puck, from the San Francisco season and Irene from the Seattle season. Both grabbed the attention of MTV viewers - Puck for getting kicked out of the house and Irene for being slapped by a fellow cast member.

    • When Natalie calls for a second cab, her mouth doesn't move.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin : You told them I was dead?
      Andy : I didn't wanna come across as unsympathetic. Entertainment Weekly would've torn me apart.
      Toby : Not to mention Cheers and Jeers and Picks and Pans, which would've jeered and panned you respectively.

    • Andy: I like that episode where the guy pulls off the girl's towel, and they kick him out of the house.
      Jim: Awesome.

    • Skids: I know you you like to stick your ass out of car windows.
      Andy: Who doesn't?

    • Andy: Messing with me is one thing, but when you touch this equipment, you mess with Viacom!

    • Andy: You're gettin' Andy on 10. I used to be Andy on 6, and once, I was even Andy on 3&3/8. But now, I'm Andy cranked to the max! Deal with it!

    • Andy: Come on, I'm not MTV material. Hell, I'm barely WB material.

    • Wally: Do you really think we need a gun?
      Gus: (cocks gun) Ever dealt with MTV before?

  • Notes

    • During broadcast runs, this episode had the cast singing REM's "Everybody Hurts" at the end. However, because United States' copyright law dictates that artists' permission must be obtained for both when the episode airs and when it is released on DVD, the creators of Mission Hill were unable to get permission to use the song on the DVD release.

    • Music: "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M.
      "Ape Self Prevails In Me Still" by Quasi

    • This episode was originally scheduled to air on October 15, 1999. The WB even showed a promo during the credits of episode 2, "Kevin's Problem (or Porno for Pyro)". After the series was pulled, the official website for Mission Hill said this episode would be "coming this spring to the WB." It didn't come that spring, and it didn't come that summer either. However, it did air on Adult Swim in 2002.

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