Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 18

Bye Bye Nerdy (or I Was A Teenage Pornstar)

Aired Unknown Unknown on The WB



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    • Andy: You know, I only took you back because Dad paid me five thousand dollars.
      : I know. (Beat, Then) Actually, Dad was willing to go as high as seventy-five hundred.
      Andy: Aw, crap!

    • Andy: ... So you see, it was all an innocent mistake. Kevin was in the dirty movie by accident. How did you get a copy?
      Mrs. French: (lying) Er, it just happened to be in our VCR when it came back from the repair shop.

    • Mrs. French: (Horrified) Did I just see Jim smoking?
      Andy: No that was just a cigarette, (Pauses) Oh crap.

    • Weirdo Beardo: Kevin, that was the best non-sexual walk-on since Tor Johnson's eunuch in "1,000 Nights Of Sodom"! Sign my scooter?

    • Kevin: You mind keeping it down!
      Andy: Why you gotta Pre-Calculus quiz in the morning?
      Kevin:(confused) No, why is everyone asking me (stops and screams as he looks at the TV)
      Kevin:(On TV) Do you mind keeping the noise down some of us have a Pre-Calculus quiz in the morning!
      Kevin:(Horified)GAHHH! I'M IN A D-D-DIRTY MOVIE!

    • ANDY:Holy crap, you're making a dirty movie!
      JIM:(SALUTING) God bless America.

    • Kevin: For God's sake buy him some tartar sauce!

    • POSEY:Don't touch my mushroom!
      Stand away from my mushroom!
      KEVIN:(DISGUSTED) This thing belongs to you?
      POSEY:(SLIGHTLY CRAZED) Yes. I'm brewing a tea from it. It gives you extra
      energy, without jitters!!!
      KEVIN: Er, maybe you should lower the dosage.
      POSEY:(SINCERELY) Maybe you should
      decapitate yourself.

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  • Allusions

    • I Was a Teenage Pornstar

      The dirty title to this episode is a reference to the 1957 movie "I Was a Teenage Werewolf."

    • Bye Bye Nerdy

      The clean title is a reference to the wholesome musical, "Bye Bye Birdie."