Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 17

Death of a Yaleman (or Premature Matriculation)

Aired Unknown Unknown on The WB

Episode Recap

Kevin gets his first hair-cut in mission hill. But it turns out to be horrible so the roomates decide that they should shave it. So Kevin wears a Babylon 5 hat to cover it. When Kevin, George and Toby go to Toby's house, Tobys Mom believes that Kevin is dying. Toby and George don't believe her. But when Kevin goes into a sneezing fit (from the pet cat) Toby and George believe her. So they try to get him in yale. At first they say no but when they find out that he is sick they jump on the opportunity. When kevin finds out he thinks it's because of his intelect. So he acts like a snob. But Toby and George get sick of it and tell him the fact that he only got in cause he was sick. Kevin is then devistated and dosen't want to go because he believes he's getting in for all the "wrong reasons". But when he goes to his initiation ceremony the Yale "frats" want him to go with it. But in the middle of his speech he tells the truth. The admissions and the dean are both impressed with him and say "that me must do more admissions in Mission Hill". and that Kevin has a second chance at getting in. Meanwhile Andy and Jim can't stand the SUVs on the road. So they get a huge john deere tractor to outshow the SUV's and it works with them using buttons labeled "manure spreader" and "the Grain Chute."