Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 10

Kevin Finds Love (or Hot for Weirdie)

Aired Unknown Jul 21, 2002 on The WB



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    • Club Owner: (Looking at Jim and another guy who looks like him) Sorry, I only need one of these. (Points at the other guy) You.
      Andy: One of these? We're not items on a supermarket shelf.

    • (Eunice produces the much sought-after reccomendation and Kevin is overjoyed and tries to kiss her, but she rejects him much to his dismay)
      Eunice: Come on chimpie, you got what you wanted, quit complaining.
      Kevin: No! I mean, yes, I wanted the letter, but that was before I realized how brilliant and adventurous and wonderful you are! Andy was right all along - you are perfect for me! I don't want the letter anymore, Eunice, I want you!
      Eunice: Well, people in hell want ice water. Have tons of fun with your letter.

    • (Kevin and Andy are heading to Eunice Eulmeyer's house to have dinner with her parents)
      Kevin: Thanks for coming to this dinner with me. Dr. E wanted to meet my family, and I need to make a good impression.
      Andy: Hey, I'm just happy you met your true love. Plus, I wouldn't miss the chance to see Weirdie in her natural habitat.

    • (Andy, Posey and Jim are turned away from the new club in Mission Hill)
      Andy: Damn poseurs, come to our neighborhood and tell us we're not cool enough to get into their club? Screw them!
      Posey: Don't feel bad, Andy. We could start our own club and call it the Cool Club and let in everyone who wan't cool enough for the other club!
      Jim: Or, we could just open a club and not let anyone in at all!
      Andy: You're mean, man, that's why I like you!
      (Posey pokes Andy in the eye)
      Andy: Owww!!
      Posey: I can be mean too!

    • Andy French: The baby can come in... but you can't.
      Natalie Leibowitz-Hernandez: My baby!
      Guy: That must have been one cool baby.

    • Andy: How are you gonna get laid if you go around learning all the time?

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  • Allusions

    • Jim: Yeah It's called I murdered Fred Mertz.

      Fred Mertz was a main character on the popular '50's series I Love Lucy.

    • Guard:Yeah I go to the armory with my boy-(corrects himself) girlfriend. Ah, I'm legally fine so long as I didn't say the whole word.

      This is a reference to the Dont Ask Dont Tell rule of the United States Military.

    • The search engine that Kevin uses to look up Wierdie's father is named 'YeeHaw!' which is an obvious reference to the popular search engine Yahoo.

    • Hot for Weirdie

      This episode's "dirty" title is a play on the popular Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher."