Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 4

Kevin vs. the SAT (or Nocturnal Admissions)

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 2000 on The WB



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    • Posey : (To the pimp) Get out of my home, you cartoonish villain.

    • Kevin : No one leaves this till we cracked the code.
      Toby : Can I least go to the bathroom?
      Kevin : Sure, if you want to go to Arizona State or Pamona.
      Toby : I'll just pee in a bottle.

    • Gus : (While rubbing Andy's rear) Last time I felt an ass like this, Eisenhower was president.
      Andy : AAH! Holy crap! (Runs off)
      Wally : He's joshing you, Andy. He says the same thing about my ass.

    • Kevin : Like I'm going to Borchmore.
      Andy: Hey, we were Playboy's number six party school. And we had more fraternity drinking deaths than all of your ivy league schools put together.
      Jim: And that doesn't include haseing deaths.

    • George: Your motherboard is pretty old.
      Kevin: Don't you be talking about my motherboard.

    • Andy: (mocking the pimp) Look at me, I'm Pimpy McPimpinhire!

    • Pencil: Every year another sucker comes knocking. Mister i want to crack the code. It is impossible I tell you. Impenetrable. God will not be mocked!
      Kevin: I got as high as double 650s.
      Pencil: Hey, you mocked god.

    • Andy: Yeah, keep banging. That'll make me come faster.

    • Posey: Andy, can you tell me how this ad is misleading. "Let Posey's soft hands give you healing relief."
      Andy: That says, "release."
      Posey: Oh my.

    • Andy: No way! You're a pimp, right? A good, old-fashioned bell-bottom and platform shoe pimp. Didn't I see you in Baretta?

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  • Allusions

    • Andy:Didn't I see you in Baretta?
      Baretta was a detective television series which ran on ABC from 1975 to 1978.

    • The "ooga chaka, ooga chaka" part of the Borchmore Cavemen chant which Andy and Jim demonstrate comes from the remake of the B.J. Thomas song Hooked On A Feeling by the mid-1970's rock group Blue Swede. Blue Swede's version added the cavemen-like chant for the hook.