Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 14

Meditations on a Career in Advertising (or Supertool)

Aired Unknown Unknown on The WB



  • Trivia

    • After being fired from the advertising company Bill and Josh (which they said would happen in one of the first few episodes of season 2) planned for him to work at a "Tower Records-esque store".

    • Andy gets paid $6.75 an hour at his new job.

    • First appearance of Phat-Ass (or rather it would have been had the episode been finished.)

  • Quotes

    • FEMALE EXEC:Kids today are media-savvy. You can't "sell" them. You need to "anti-sell"them. Picture this: a billboard that reads "Chef-A-Rooni Sucks!"
      ANDY:(MUTTERS) That sucks.
      FEMALE EXEC:See? That guy's young and he's responding to it. (WRITES ON BOARD) Chef-A-Rooni sucks.
      ANDY:No, that really does suck.
      FEMALE EXEC:Exactly.

    • Executive:What we need is a spokesperson these kids will respond to. Someone cool, someone, hip, someone new, someone now.(beat) Candice Bergen!

  • Notes

    • Jim's boss says that successful companies with x-rated images in them are Marlboro's Camel, McDonalds Golden Arches. Items with humorous X-rated names are Burger Kings Whopper, Seven Elevens Big Gulp and, the candy bar Mounds.

    • According to the script, Jim's boss says that all major logo's have some sort of x-rated reference in them.

    • There are no actors, airdates, and production numbers for episodes 14 –18 as they not only never aired, but were not 100% completed and didn't have any voice work for them.

    • The animatics for this episode and the ones after it were almost on the DVD but due to complications in paying the actor's involved they got pulled.

    • The scripts were written for episodes 14-18 and 14-16 made it to animatic but the show got pulled in production. Some episodes were halfway finished but none got completed.

  • Allusions

    • After Andy makes the billboard into a Phallic shape his boss says that they were everywhere even on his kid's video tape. This is a reference to the urban legend that a disgruntled animator drew a phallic shaped tower on the cover of the Little Mermaid video tape.

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