Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot Episode (or The Douchebag Aspect)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1999 on The WB

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  • A great start to a great series


    Mission Hill is probably the best show you're not watching. When I first saw this show, I was very surprised it only lasted 13 episodes. I think it could have lasted 4 or 5 seasons if it were on the right network.

    In this episode, Kevin French moves in with his hip older brother, Andy, to the city of Mission Hill, while his parents are moving over to Wyoming. Andy is of course, disillusioned as Kevin has been is a nerdy optimist who has been a major annoyance to Andy his entire life. Kevin, however, is excited to move to the big city with his cool older brother. Kevin meets Andy's roommates for the first time - neo-flower child Posey and Andy's mellow high school buddy, Jim. During their first night in the city, Andy and Jim go to a bar to see a band to play and the ever-eager Kevin wants to tag along. Jim is happy to let him, but Andy has his reservations. Kevin starts to freak out when he finds out that nobody under the age of 21 is allowed at the bar they are playing at, which leads to the three being thrown out. Andy gets angry and shouts at Kevin that his nerdy ways clash too much with his trendy lifestyle and that he should stop being like his obedience-heavy parents. The light dawns on Kevin that he should be more cool, since he is now living under the wing of his hip brother and not his parents. The next day, Kevin's new bad behavior gets him suspended from school and his brother couldn't be more proud. He decides that he also wants to start drinking during the party his brother is throwing. At the party, Kevin makes an ass of himself after drinking too much and decides that being cool isn't for him. The episode ends with Andy saying that maybe Kevin would be happier being himself. Kevin is relieved that his parents will never know about him being drunk - or will they? (He left a message on their machine.)

    I felt that this episode was a good start to this great series. The plot was very endearing and the sentimentality did not feel tacked on in any way. It introduced the hilarious characters that would be part of the following 12 episodes in a way that felt like we were meeting real people for the first time. There were also a number of great gags - with the highlights including the guy throwing the air conditioner out the window, Kevin randomly playing a piano and Andy laughing at the sight of the word "douchebag" being written in cursive. Overall, a very good episode. (A)

  • Good start.

    Ultimately, this was a nice way to start the series, with it actually having the story begin, I came to the show expecting large laughs and a well put togethor set of episodes, because i love Josh and Bill's years on the simpsons and their work on Futurama. I got that, after watching the pilot episode of the show, i saw why this is a cult favourite. The jokes in this episode are very clever and alot more adult then they were on the simpsons. And also the characters are very well thought out, it's obvious most of the plot points would have been told if the pilot launched a very succesful series. The pilot was a good start...(although some characters didn't have the right feel yet)