Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 16

Pretty in Pink (or Crap Gets In Your Eyes)

Aired Unknown Unknown on The WB

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  • The animatic/table read for the uncompleted episode.

    It's a real shame that this episode didn't get fully completed, because it truly is hilarious, I haven't seen a Mission Hill this good since, well - never!! I really think Warner Brothers made a big mistake not fully completing this hilarious episode. It made me laugh all the way through and should be viewed by everybody looking for a laugh. This episode is probaply my favourite of the lot and is hysterically well written. I can't boast enough about how good the episode is as the jokes were simply great and they would have been much better it had of gone through more rewrite proccesses. 10/10. Thanks reading this.
  • Andy and Gwen are in love.

    Wow. This is by far my favorite episode of Mission Hill. That is, if it can be considered an episode. I can't believe it was never animated. Just a storyboard with live action reading and narration. Still, while watching this episode I forgot that it wasn't even animated. I was sucked right in to the story and couldn't turn away. What made it even better was the fact that it was over thirty minutes long! I didn't want it to end. This episode was packed with jokes, it could not have been funnier. The montauge in the bar cracked me up as well. Watch this as soon as possible!
  • Unaired episode. Animatics arranged into watchable format with live reading of script. Beautiful.

    It\'s just so good! It\'s like distilled essence of good from concentrate.

    But here\'s a real review. This episode was never aired, in fact it was never animated. The animatics (think storyboards with superpowers) were assembled into a watchable format, approximating what the final animation would have been like. All the voice actors performed a live reading while a narrator read the stage directions, all for a live studio audience. It\'s like theater and animation combined.

    The humor in this episode is spot on. There\'s a perfect balance of cultural references, absurdity, running gags, inside jokes, etc. There is exactly one not-so-funny joke (a bit between Republican Vampire and Posey), and it\'s forgiveable. Everything else rocks.

    The live reading actually works very well. It\'s interesting to hear the actors working together in front of an audience, with no extra takes or edit points. At first the crude presentation is distracting, but it\'s easy to get into and a remarkable experience that\'s not to be missed.

    And as is common in Mission Hill, there\'s a genuinely interesting social commentary running throughout. The episode is partly inspired by bad romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, and it looks at the ideas put forth in those movies in a much better way.

    Finally, the animation. It\'s just an animatic, but there are some very well constructed and well planned scenes. In particular, the scene in which Andy, Jim, and Stacy (Jim\'s Secretary) go out drinking takes full advantage of the medium and uses it well.

    You can find this episode on Youtube in pieces, just search for Mission Hill and it should come up on the first page. You can also try http://missionhill.tripod.com/ in the videos section.