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  • It was great

    Too bad it didn't get a lot of attention.
  • A 24 year old man, Andy, who draws cartoon comics, but he appears to be lazy, in his apartment. Andy is told by his pairents that his nerdy little brother, Kevin, will be living with him.

    Why did this show had to end? I actully like Mission Hill.

    Mission Hill is about a 24 year old man, Andy, who draws cartoon comics, but he appears to be lazy, in his apartment. Other people live in the appartment like: a female who may be considred a hippie, two homosexual men who use to live in Los Angelus, a artistic father who has a wife and a newborn child, and etc. Andy is told by his pairents that his nerdy little brother, Kevin, will be living with him. Andy first couldn't handle Kevin but he soon got use to his little brother living with him...I think.

    I liked how in some episodes, you got to learn something you havn't knew about a character. One example is learning that there was a never before shown season of "The Real World" in Mission Hill.

    I can't really explane more on why I like Mission Hill, just go and watch it on [Adult Swim] or something.
  • Annoying douchebags that aren't funny live together in Mission Hill.

    What are you people talking about? I have given this show tons of chances, and I still think it really sucks. The character are all unlikeable and annoying, the plotlines are unoriginal, and the script has yet to make me laugh. I have watched several epiodes of this on adult swim in attempt to understand why everyone loves it so much, but I still don't get it. This show is trying too hard to be funny, and it fails miserably. The animation is interesting and it's better than an infomercial at 3 am when I can't sleep, but seriously, people, what is the deal?
  • Animated eyesore...

    In the history of Prime-Time animated shows there are some that endear us with their characters & the myriad situations they get themselves in (e.g. The Simpsons & South Park) & then there are the shows that are so ghastly, one wonders just how they managed to appear on American TV at all.

    Mission Hill just happens to be a prime example of a ghastly cartoon.

    Just what is so funny about a melange of archetypical sitcom characters who are so repellent such as a burnt-out "flower child", a gay couple(how original) & of course some bespectacled geek who belongs in a circus side show who also happens to be the young brother of the main character, a slacker.

    I am certain that the ONLY people who enjoy this effete cartoon are those who watch Kevin Smith films under the influence of illegal narcotics, no doubt.
  • Bring it back one of the greatest shows that was animated. Why was it ever cancelled. I loved that show.

    A great show has cutting edge comedy i couldn't stop laughing during the pilot. I don't get why it was cancelled i wish they would bring it back. I would start a petition if i knew how. That's how much i like the show. It's up there with futurama and family guy in funny. If it would of done more episodes and seasons people would have watched it more the only did 13 real episodes. I wish they would do a movie for this show it would be great. They could cast some really cool people. Overall it is a great show.
  • I love this show.

    The plot to start with is very original. Then secondly, I LOVE the COLOR IN PARTICULAR. This is likely the only show that backed away from the technicolor and 3D and created its own color scheme. I also, liked to see Andy and Kevin fight. I remember one episode when Andy was beating Kevin with the picket stick becuase he felt he did something wrong. That was my favorite episode. I don't know what channel this show was on, but whoever cancelled it, they're cruel, evil, and just ignorant. There's nothing wrong with this show other than it wasnt family friendly, but hey, sure was funny as ever.
  • A fantastic, funny show. Shouldn't have been taken off the air.

    Combining blown-out-of-proportion, stereotypical characters, a wacky set up, and a unique visual art style consisting of bright colors, Mission Hill was one of the freshest ideas ever to make it on to television. Andy French, college graduate (Did somebody say Borchmore?!?), desires to be a cartoonist for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, his work doesn't seem to be going anywhere. He shares an apartment with his college bud Jim, and the strange, almost new-age hippie, Posey. All is normal until Andy's parents decide to move away and leave their younger son Kevin, to live with his older brother in the big city.

    Kevin, being totally nerdy and uncool proceeds to "ruin" Andy's life.

    Well, so maybe the show doesn't have the most interesting concept behind it. It's what else it throws at you to make it comedy gold. Sharing their apartment building are two gay lovers, as well a successful artist who is married to an "activist" of sorts.

    Alright, so that still doesn't seem like it's very awesome. And that's why this show is so great. The vibe and attitude of this show is almost beyond words. The events that take place in each are bizarre, to say the least.

    Here's a sandbox of things that take place in this series.
    A man walks around with knife stuck in his head for almost an entire episode.
    A store is nearly burned to the ground because somebody in the bathroom was "manipulating" themselves.
    A danceclub is formed in a room that's only big enough to hold a couple of meters.

    Probably doesn't make much sense does it? If it all intrigued or confused, give this show a try. Trust me, it just works.
  • A unique show that followed the life of a mid 20s slacker in a hip city neighborhood. Great setting, good writing, and the best producers from the Simpsons. Whats not to love?

    God bless this show. One of the reasons I love it so much is because very few people know about it, and it (like undergrads) remains a cult favorite. It never blew up like Family Guy and Futurama. I'm not sure how good this show would have been if they did more seasons, but what they did make was very good. They had a very colorful cast of characters, and they created a cool setting. Andy is more than just a partying slacker; he does have aspirations and has moments where he reveals that he is a pretty good person. Kevin is dorky, awkward, obnoxious, but likable. Gus, Wally, Posey, and Jim all have large roles, and are all well though out characters. Oakley and Weinstein sculpted a vibrant, hip setting in Mission Hill. The animation was cool, and everything has a yellowish tint to it. Bittersweet that there's only one season, but this is a solid show that I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.
  • andy french and his younger brother kevin live in the big city they are complete opposites

    I like the show it isnt as good as ATHF but good they should play this show earlier not at like 2AM and I think it would be a good idea to bring it back and make new episodes alot better then some shows on adult swim Im talking about tim and erick it just has alot of good humor and plot lines the two main characters andy and kevin are funny together but some episodes are a swing and miss but most of the episodes like when kevin gets a ferraro that was cool everyone that is a fan of Adult Swim should check this out
  • For a 2 AM show, I guess it works.

    This show is really nothing special. The only reason I watch it is because I'm an insomniac who needs something to do at 2 in the morning. I do laugh a few times at each episode, but I don't crack up or anything like that. I can understand why it didn't last long, being on the WB. Also, animated comedies like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and South Park were dominating at the time. Now about the show, I feel sorry for Andy. Kevin is such a dork, and it's ridiculous that his parents forced Andy to let Kevin move in. Andy is a grown man, and he just let his parents move Kevin in his apartment. For a 2 AM show, it's pretty good. Otherwise, there are many better animated comedies out there.
  • A great show that got canceled way before its time.

    This is one of the many shows that I feel got canceled before it needed to be. This is a good adult themed cartoon that I really connected to. Andy reminds me of me and Kevin is exactly like my brother so it was pretty easy to follow. It had alot of interesting characters in it. Andy was of course mine. Recently adult swim started airing mission hill on Sundays so I am pretty happy about that. But if I had the choice to bring back any show I wanted it would be this one. Its a great show that needs to be brought back.
  • This was a really awesome cartoon that was cancelled cause it received low ratings as did The Oblongs.

    It's about two brother's named Andy and Kevin who live together and have no home so together they do what they like to do. I loved watching this show it was really funny and interisting it even had reruns on Adult Swim as did The Oblongs but neither are on air right now which stinks:(. It could have had a new season but because of low ratings it didn't survive a season, it could have been on fox where it would have done better as could have The Oblongs but nope they got cancelled due to low ratings I really would pray to god and wish this show would have a new season.
  • Andy French`s geeky brother moves in his Mission Hill loft and causes havoc.

    This show was actuall quite good . This was the only show good on at the time. It was originaly on the WB. It was also on [adult swim]. Now it can be seen on at late times on TBS and on Saturdays at 2:30 A.M. Some of the characters included Andy and Kevin French,Posey,and Jim. And were vocied by some familer faces. Andy was voiced by Wallace Langham {Hodes on CSI},and Kevin was vocied by Scott Menville {Robin on Teen Titans,and Red Herring on A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.Posey was vocied by Vicki Lewis. Bottom-line this show was good and it should be brought back.
  • "Mission Hill" revolves around 24 year old Andy French, a slacker and aspiring cartoonist. Resposiblity comes knocking at the door of his loft apartment with his roomates, Jim and Posey, when Andy's nerdy brother Kevin comes to live with him.

    "Mission Hill" is an amazing series. It has hilarious, clever humor, relateable characters in relatable situations. It is ashamed it was cancelled. It was at the wrong place at the wrong time. "Mission Hill" is without the doubt the most original, clever, funny and underated cartoon I've ever seen. It has so much potential, and for that it deserves a second chance. I can easily see it competing with The Simpsons, Family Guy and other popular cartoons.

    Definetly ahead of its time. I really wish this show would come back. I 100% would recomend you to watch this series, despite it has only 13 episodes. When you finish watching the complete series, it is guarenteed you are going to want more new episodes.

    If you want "Mission Hill" to come out of cancellation, please visit the Save Mission Hill Forums to help out.
    Visit-> http://z7.invisionfree.com/Save_Mission_Hill/index.php?act=idx
  • A brilliant show.

    This was created by former executive producers of the Simpsons Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein, and is pure brillaince, one of the best series ever & and had great stories it deserved about 8 years! I loved it and thought that Adult Swim should have ran it for a long time and properly finished the incomplete shows, I urge you to buy the dvd for hours of laughs!
  • Why did they take this off?!!?!?

    This show was one of the better cartoons! I really don’t understand why they would take it off! The show was funny and corny. The relationship between the two brothers was hilarious. I think because the show was so weird that you had to get use to it to enjoy it. And people today don’t have time. lol. But it’s true. The show was also really adult at sometimes. A little too mature. But it’s called an adult cartoon for a reason. I know it was on Adult Swim for a while. Maybe it just couldn’t keep up with Futurama and Family Guy. Also the story lines started to get a little average. But I thought that it was jazzed up from the funky animation and characters. But I was wrong obviously. Anyway it was a good show and they should bring it back.
  • Great show, Watched it when it first came on.

    I was so Psyched when Adult Swim started to play reruns of this show. I watched it with a friend of mine when it first showed up on the WB. It was an instant favorite of mine.

    The characters were all great.

    Andy was so incredibly lazy. He was so laid back and cool. The guy that obviously has not grown up and realized that he is not in college and any more and he needs to do something.

    Kevin was so innocent. He was sheltered, by his own choice for the most part. It caused some of the funniest moments on the show. He got to deal with alcohol, sex, and cheating in school. He was such a nerd with his games he made very funny moments.

    Posey seemed like a hippy but then you realized that she wasn't at points like fixing a pimp before kicking him off her roof, or getting lots of money for her home grown vegetables.

    stogie was great. Who doesn't like an alcoholic dog?

    Jim was my favorite because of his slow talking, and just ultimate coolness.

    Gus and Wally were hilarious, great side characters. It's the first time I can remember gay characters on a show I was watching. And that was the great part they were just a couple not really any different than others which was a very forward looking thing.

    great show, that was underappreciated and died before it's time in my opinion.
  • Mission Hill is probably one of the best shows within the last 10 years or so! Unfortunately, they took it off. Why do the network executives always take the good stuff off? Why?

    I love Mission Hill. I try to catch it on TBS in the wee hours of the morning. I watch it more and more and realize...why couldn't they make more episodes? This show is so freaking awesome!

    Unlike much of the animated crap today, its drawing style is decent and detailed and not a gross-out. It doesn't rely on cheap jokes all the time and is actually quite funny.

    Please network executives...please...bring this show back! It's too good to be cancelled! It's one of the best shows left on re-runs that had great potential! Please come back Mission Hill!

    Ahem...okay, I'm done now. But yeah, anyway, great show.
  • Yet another show ended too soon.

    Adult Swim has found another diamond in the rough. The crazy adventures of the French brothers are absolutely hilarious. I only wish that the show was given enough time to properly develop the characters and expand their surroundings. I really liked the chemistry between Andy and Kevin, while the laid back attitude of Jim reminded me of myself. No matter how off the wall the story became, the show was able to maintain its sense of reality and usually some sort of message was being sent. If this show was given a better chance to grow it quickly would have become one of the better animated shows on television. Adult Swim saved Family Guy, but unfortunately, I think it is too late to save this gem.
  • Splended wih great stories.

    This show is relly good It deserves more episodes and it hardly has any but all thoose that are there are very entertaining and I can\'t seem to stop.

    My favorite one is the one when the world has a crisis and everyone is freak\'in out execpt the famouse people.
    It\'s about a boy and his brother tring to make money past their pay day to I dono LIVE and while that there is their freinds and all ofe them get stuk in original problems even though there were minor flaws it was a very goo show to wacth.
  • Just passed by it one night.

    I was flipping over the channels one night when I stumbled over this and I saw it was Adult swim (and honestly other then Futurama and Family Guy they play some weird stuff) so I decided to get a crack out of it and watch it. And to my surprise (and im sure to alot of peoples surprise to) I really liked it. This is a fresh show new and genuine. It may get a little weird but its still pretty good.
  • I like it, it's funny!

    This show is my new best friend. It is funny. I think Scott Menville did a great job on Kevin's voice. Scott Menville is very talented and is in another show that I absolutley love. This show is great, and I think it should have never ended. I just started watching it because I was waiting for Family Guy to come on so I decided to stick to the channel, and then the show (Mission Hill) became my new best friend. I love it and I look forward to watching it every night. It is a great, funny show! ! !
  • Good show that deserved more episodes.

    Yes it was a good show, aside from the views and things the show pushed I could care less about.
    The color palette may have seemed odd at first, but it matched finally with the characters, who were quite developed in the few short episodes. It really got kicking rght away with fun exciting adventures. I don't like the neighbors in this show since they are married and of the same gender, and I disagree with that. The city itself seems very New York/San Fran view like. It's a good show and should have had more episodes. Animation is good too for the type of style they have.
  • Who ever thought if cancelling this show? It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Mission Hill, originally debuted on the WB, then it got switched over to Adult Swim reruns. I only just got into this show, but who would think of pulling this show off the air?

    Mission Hill stars Andy French and Kevin French, two brothers who live in an apartment in the big city with some friends. First off, this show is hilarious. The humor is placed into real life situations which makes this show laid-back and fun. Getting past the funny stuff, this show does have morals. The humor reflects on real life, just like I said. Mission Hill makes something as trivial as being unemployed at the age of 24, or Sarah Michelle Gellar spilling coffee on your privates funny. There isn\'t really anything bad that is noticable in the show.

    A great show, I think anybody could get into this fast. 9.6/10
  • A great animated comedy that never had the time to blossom into something so much more.

    A little known show on the WB (before it started pumping out nothing but garbage) gained a niche audience. Although as much good shows do, it was cancelled after 13 episodes (People were too busy watching Touched by and Angel and Friends). Although late night block Adult Swim brought the show back and let it gain new fans and please the old ones.

    The show isn\'t any were near revolutionary it isn\'t a leap in a new direction but it isn\'t a fall. The show does everything it needs to do and that is making a good, beyond average show. The real highlight is the actual art style, everything is so flamboyant and colorful with a unique look.

    Don\'t expect a show that will blow your mind, but expect one that will dull it. Boasting a great style and humor that easily rivals the Simpsons. The only thing it did lack was people watching it.

    Maybe if DVD sales would sky rocket, the show might be renewed on Adult Swim. Although that doesn\'t seem to just a thought of pure fantasy.
  • Mission Hill revolves around Andy French, a 24-year-old charmingly lazy guy, and his nerdy teenage brother Kevin who moves into Andy's big city loft.

    The first time I saw this show was in 2000. Lately I have been tuning into adultswim and have been watching Mission Hill on adultswim on weekdays. I think it great that adultswim is showing mission hill. It is surely a classic. I wonder why WV doesnt bring it back. I think it would be a top chart hit. They bring back basic animation with dotted lines and sometimes lightbulbs that appear above their heads when they have an idea. They do bring other shows to the show. Like the episode when the realworld comes to mission hill. Bring Mission Hill back!
  • A great show with unique characters.

    All of the characters on Mission Hill had a special vibe. Sometimes you could stop and relate to what they were talking about or just laugh at what they said. Andy and Kevin were brothers who didn't always see eye to eye, but deep down they loved each other. Jim would work, but he also had the attitude to slack off and just say forget it. I'm not going to do it. Posey, to me, was a cross between a modern day hippy and a naturalist. She seemed so quiet and kept to herself, but I could tell she could speak out if she wanted to. Wally and Gus... I loved them. And it wasn't the fact that they were a gay couple. Okay... it's part of the reason, but they seemed so opposite. Wally seemed sort of timid, while Gus spoke his mind. Wally was sort of smart while Gus seemed to be a little slow. Either way, I guess the old saying goes, "Opposites attract." Mission Hill is by far one of my favorite shows to watch at night and even though it's been canceled, people still get a kick out of seeing so many characters who are just trying to make it through the day.
  • Why was this cancled, I don\'t know.

    This was funny, it should have stayed on the air. Not be pulled off, before it could make more episodes. But thank you adult swim, they show the reruns every now and then. So it is not gone all the way, but I would like to have seen new episodes of Mission hill.
  • A great show

    The WB had something great when the got Mission Hill. It's a shame they cancelled it. It was a very funy sow with Kevin moving into his older brother Andys apartment for his final years of school. Andy also has some messed up roommates who keep the show all together. This is a great show that will keep you laughing for 30 minutes staight.
  • Only show that was funny, or the best, on The WB

    The only show that was ever, and I mean ever,good on the WB, better than Charmed, 7th Heaven,Dwason Creek, etc., etc. And dont think that it was cancelled just becuase of ratings or whatever, but mainly because of the mother#@&%ing FCC, see what I mean!! Summary- Buy the Complete 1st season
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