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  • Mission hill easily captured not only the spirit of the times when it aired at the end of the last millenium, but captured the feeling of change and freedom that young adults at that time were feeling as well.

    Mission Hill is the story of Kevin French moving in with his older brother Andy in the cosmopolis of Mission Hill. Andy rents out an apartment with his best friend Jim Kubiack and new-age guru Posey Tyler, and their are a lot of quirky (but fun) neighbors that also live in the building.

    Andy is the classic mid-20s slacker, working at a dead-end job that he hates, and hanging out with his friends just to have fun. He is at a crossroads in his life; he is not sure where he's going, but he doesn't care as long as he's happy. What he really wants to be, though, is a cartoonist. And that's what makes this show so special, the revelation that no one on the show knows what's in the future for them, but choosing to take life as it comes just the same.

    Another important aspect to the show is its diversity. Kevin French is a little freaked out coming from the suburbs to Mission Hill, because everything and everybody is just so different than what he's used to. He doesn't fit in well with what others very well, and he quickly realizes that everyone around them has similar problems.

    Mission Hill is a great show, that captured the soul of the turn of the millenium, a show that tells people to be true to themselves and their own ideas about how to live. It's a shame that it was cancelled before more people got a chance to see it.
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