Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • A great animated comedy that never had the time to blossom into something so much more.

    A little known show on the WB (before it started pumping out nothing but garbage) gained a niche audience. Although as much good shows do, it was cancelled after 13 episodes (People were too busy watching Touched by and Angel and Friends). Although late night block Adult Swim brought the show back and let it gain new fans and please the old ones.

    The show isn\'t any were near revolutionary it isn\'t a leap in a new direction but it isn\'t a fall. The show does everything it needs to do and that is making a good, beyond average show. The real highlight is the actual art style, everything is so flamboyant and colorful with a unique look.

    Don\'t expect a show that will blow your mind, but expect one that will dull it. Boasting a great style and humor that easily rivals the Simpsons. The only thing it did lack was people watching it.

    Maybe if DVD sales would sky rocket, the show might be renewed on Adult Swim. Although that doesn\'t seem to just a thought of pure fantasy.