Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Who ever thought if cancelling this show? It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Mission Hill, originally debuted on the WB, then it got switched over to Adult Swim reruns. I only just got into this show, but who would think of pulling this show off the air?

    Mission Hill stars Andy French and Kevin French, two brothers who live in an apartment in the big city with some friends. First off, this show is hilarious. The humor is placed into real life situations which makes this show laid-back and fun. Getting past the funny stuff, this show does have morals. The humor reflects on real life, just like I said. Mission Hill makes something as trivial as being unemployed at the age of 24, or Sarah Michelle Gellar spilling coffee on your privates funny. There isn\'t really anything bad that is noticable in the show.

    A great show, I think anybody could get into this fast. 9.6/10