Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Mission Hill is probably one of the best shows within the last 10 years or so! Unfortunately, they took it off. Why do the network executives always take the good stuff off? Why?

    I love Mission Hill. I try to catch it on TBS in the wee hours of the morning. I watch it more and more and realize...why couldn't they make more episodes? This show is so freaking awesome!

    Unlike much of the animated crap today, its drawing style is decent and detailed and not a gross-out. It doesn't rely on cheap jokes all the time and is actually quite funny.

    Please network executives...please...bring this show back! It's too good to be cancelled! It's one of the best shows left on re-runs that had great potential! Please come back Mission Hill!

    Ahem...okay, I'm done now. But yeah, anyway, great show.