Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Great show, Watched it when it first came on.

    I was so Psyched when Adult Swim started to play reruns of this show. I watched it with a friend of mine when it first showed up on the WB. It was an instant favorite of mine.

    The characters were all great.

    Andy was so incredibly lazy. He was so laid back and cool. The guy that obviously has not grown up and realized that he is not in college and any more and he needs to do something.

    Kevin was so innocent. He was sheltered, by his own choice for the most part. It caused some of the funniest moments on the show. He got to deal with alcohol, sex, and cheating in school. He was such a nerd with his games he made very funny moments.

    Posey seemed like a hippy but then you realized that she wasn't at points like fixing a pimp before kicking him off her roof, or getting lots of money for her home grown vegetables.

    stogie was great. Who doesn't like an alcoholic dog?

    Jim was my favorite because of his slow talking, and just ultimate coolness.

    Gus and Wally were hilarious, great side characters. It's the first time I can remember gay characters on a show I was watching. And that was the great part they were just a couple not really any different than others which was a very forward looking thing.

    great show, that was underappreciated and died before it's time in my opinion.