Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • A fantastic, funny show. Shouldn't have been taken off the air.

    Combining blown-out-of-proportion, stereotypical characters, a wacky set up, and a unique visual art style consisting of bright colors, Mission Hill was one of the freshest ideas ever to make it on to television. Andy French, college graduate (Did somebody say Borchmore?!?), desires to be a cartoonist for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, his work doesn't seem to be going anywhere. He shares an apartment with his college bud Jim, and the strange, almost new-age hippie, Posey. All is normal until Andy's parents decide to move away and leave their younger son Kevin, to live with his older brother in the big city.

    Kevin, being totally nerdy and uncool proceeds to "ruin" Andy's life.

    Well, so maybe the show doesn't have the most interesting concept behind it. It's what else it throws at you to make it comedy gold. Sharing their apartment building are two gay lovers, as well a successful artist who is married to an "activist" of sorts.

    Alright, so that still doesn't seem like it's very awesome. And that's why this show is so great. The vibe and attitude of this show is almost beyond words. The events that take place in each are bizarre, to say the least.

    Here's a sandbox of things that take place in this series.
    A man walks around with knife stuck in his head for almost an entire episode.
    A store is nearly burned to the ground because somebody in the bathroom was "manipulating" themselves.
    A danceclub is formed in a room that's only big enough to hold a couple of meters.

    Probably doesn't make much sense does it? If it all intrigued or confused, give this show a try. Trust me, it just works.