Mission Hill

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • A unique show that followed the life of a mid 20s slacker in a hip city neighborhood. Great setting, good writing, and the best producers from the Simpsons. Whats not to love?

    God bless this show. One of the reasons I love it so much is because very few people know about it, and it (like undergrads) remains a cult favorite. It never blew up like Family Guy and Futurama. I'm not sure how good this show would have been if they did more seasons, but what they did make was very good. They had a very colorful cast of characters, and they created a cool setting. Andy is more than just a partying slacker; he does have aspirations and has moments where he reveals that he is a pretty good person. Kevin is dorky, awkward, obnoxious, but likable. Gus, Wally, Posey, and Jim all have large roles, and are all well though out characters. Oakley and Weinstein sculpted a vibrant, hip setting in Mission Hill. The animation was cool, and everything has a yellowish tint to it. Bittersweet that there's only one season, but this is a solid show that I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.