Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 15

To Grandmother's House we go (or Freaky Weekend in the Crappy Crudwagon)

Aired Unknown Unknown on The WB

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  • It's a holiday weekend and the roommates decide to get away from Mission Hill for a bit. Stogie is left in the care of Gus and Wally as Andy, Jim, Kevin, and Posey set off on their journey. But, where are they going?

    NOTE: This episode was never actually animated fully, but the completed script is availible for download at missionhill.tripod.com.

    It's really a shame that this episode was never produced. It is a very good example of the overall humour of the writers. Everyone is in character and you can just imagine the way everything would look and sound as a finished episode.

    The way that the power struggles in the car were portrayed was very funny. Kevin's eagerness to visit grandma and Andy's eagerness to do just the opposite are both very true to the established behaviour of the two, as is Posey's desire to dance in a field of sunflowers. The twist in the ending was just perfect.

    Overall the writing of this is superb, and it may be my favourite Mission Hill episode. Definately worth the read.