Mission Hill

Season 1 Episode 7

Unemployment (or Theory of the Leisure Ass) (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 14, 2002 on The WB
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Unemployment (or Theory of the Leisure Ass) (2)
It's been 8 weeks, and Andy still hasn't found a job (!) - not that he's exactly looking for one. After learning about Jim's job, he becomes motivated to find a job... if he has what it takes to get hired.

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    Bill Oakley

    Bill Oakley

    George Bang

    Brian Posehn

    Brian Posehn

    Jim Kuback

    Herbert Siguenza

    Herbert Siguenza

    Carlos Hernandez-Leibowitz

    Jane Wiedlin

    Jane Wiedlin


    Josh Weinstein

    Josh Weinstein

    Toby Mundorf

    Lisa Arch

    Lisa Arch

    Stacy / Miss Colleen Peck / Chola Girl / Tina

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      • Andy : (Comes into the diner in a bathrobe) I'll just have a plate of eggs, thanks.
        Gus: No eggs. Ain't you read the sign? (Points to a sign that says "No Shirt, No Hat, No Service)
        Andy : Gus, no one here is wearing a hat. They're all eating.
        Gus : Back in the day, people wore coats and ties and hats in this place. Now look at you. You don't got underwear even.
        Andy : Gus. come on. It's just a different philosophy. I'm like a modern day Buda, freeing myself of wordily attachments.
        Posey : He's right. Buda never wore underpants.

      • Wally: (While typing up Andy's resume) That just leaves references.
        Andy : Well, my last boss is in jail. My boss at Dairy Queen hated me. I guess it'll be lame if I listed my parents.

      • Andy : My generation played a really mean trick on me. I thought we were all goofing off together, but everybody else snuck out to get rich while I was sleeping.
        Kevin : Oh, you mean during the 90's?

      • Kevin: Are you sure this is dog food?
        Andy: Eh, it has a picture of a dog on it.
        (Stogie sniffs the food and then backs away whimpering)

      • Jim: Okay but let me show you something. (Jim reaches in his wallet and pulls out a hundred dollar bill) Thats a beer ticket man. You give this to a guy at a liquor store and he gives you a lot of beer.

      • Andy: From now on, I swear - Andy French is on track for sucess! Can I borrow 90 cents for the subway?

      • Andy: And check this out - I found this movie called "Barfully!"
        Posey: Andy, I think that movie is actually called "BarFLY!"
        Andy: Not 'barfully' like the adjective?
        Kevin: 'Barfully' is not a word, and if it were, it would be an adverb, as in 'the sewage oozed barfully.'

      • Andy: I got my unemployment check!
        Wally: Good for you, Andy! There's no shame in getting a little assistance from the government. My generation learnd the hard way.
        Andy: Well, my generation loves it the easy way!

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