Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 15

Church Bells in Bogota

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1990 on ABC

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  • This episode was heavily personal. In retrospect, I think perhaps they should have saved it for the season finale.

    This one has one of the more ghastly opening scenes, with a kidnapped Columbian federal judge sent plunging to his death right in front of his wife and young son (not to mention a host of other spectators.)

    Shannon's certainly come a long way from needing subliminal gimmickry to ensure that people liked her singing.

    Nicholas, on the other hand, has little to do in the initial mission plot. We don't see him conferring with Magdalena's people; his only visual contribution is a quick phone call setting Jim up.

    One real problem I had was that whole business of Shannon being afraid of small planes. This woman goes jetting all over the world on various missions. She's been up in a space shuttle, for Heaven's sake! I should think that after that, a private plane would be small potatoes. They could easily have dealt with the amnesia bit by blaming it on her head injury. Another thing: Shannon seemed remarkably unconcerned by her amnesia. I should think not knowing oneself would cause extreme anxiety. Max almost blew his cover when he heard about the plane crash, instantly demanding to know what hospital Shannon and Luis had been taken to. This got him a well-earned stare from Sanchez, and he had to lamely recover by offering his "connections" to assist with anything the hospital might need. Sanchez acidly pointed out that the top Columbian druglord had sufficient connections of his own.

    After two seasons of "the mission comes first", all of them, including Jim, were prepared to sacrifice the mission to get Shannon back. It's rather silly when you think of it, because Shannon was in no real danger. Luis Magdalena felt responsible for her injury and wanted to look after her--his concern growing into love. Luis, by the way, certainly moves fast. We can't really see just how long they're down in Columbia, but the team only had the use of the coffee bar for a week. On the other hand, when Shannon agreed to marry him, he said, "I've had this plan in my mind for a long time." So who knows?

    They apparently had time for Grant to send to NASA to obtain a nifty little brain scanning gadget, to see if Shannon's amnesia was caused by neurological injury. He also somehow got hold of a tape he had made some time previously of what looked like a birthday party for Shannon. (And boy, was that weird, seeing these tough agents acting like silly children!)

    Luis took Shannon to the Blue Orchid to meet with his uncle. Shannon surprised Luis by getting up and singing to him. She appeared to have arranged the serenade, because none of the musicians were surprised--but how and when did she do so? The incident at the Blue Orchid also gave Grant and Nicholas a chance to emote all over the place when Magdalena's party abruptly disappeared. That little interchange just didn't feel right.

    Max got Sanches away from the house (so that Jim could find Shannon) by setting up some poor kid to have "broken" a $40,000 weapon. Always wondered what happened to him.

    Shannon was also rather low-key when it came to getting her memory back. ("Oh, Jim. I feel so bad.") I did like Jim's reactions. As a team leader, he quickly saw the possibilities of a wedding--finally getting a chance to grab Magdalena. Then, looking at Shannon, he changed to a friend, not wanting to put her through such an emotional upheaval. Shannon, of course, put on a stiff upper lip and urged him to go through with it.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Nicholas and Grant carjacked the priest. They seemed so embarrassed by the necessity. The priest, for his own part, cleverly deduced that whatever they were doing, it boded ill for that low-life Magdalena, and bid them farewell with a blessing.

    Once inside the villa, of course, everything unrolled smoothly. I liked that little automatic response gadget that Nicholas programmed, in case anyone came knocking at the door. Also liked how it kept repeating once Luis had kicked the door in.

    A nice little touch was Nicholas putting his arm protectively around Shannon when they got in the back of the florist's van--although they quickly moved further in and separated.

    The episode ends with Luis left wailing after them at the airport, the team having stolen Magdalena's plane, and Shannon staring pensively out the window--after assuring Jim that she was all right. Apparently she had enough on her mind to overlook the fact that she was in another small plane--the same type that she crashed in.