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Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 11

Deadly Harvest

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1990 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Deadly Harvest
Terrorist Jouseff K., a native of the country of Orambaq, plans to release a deadly virus over the wheat fields of the U.S. The team must stop the production of the virus in Orambach and destroy the terrorist cell.

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  • This is one of my favorite episodes. Largely, I will admit, because Nicholas has a big role in it, but it is well-made, tense, and exciting.

    The episodes usually start off with a violent jolt, but this one includes some pathos, as an innocent woman discovers--too late--that she has been made a dupe for a terrifying scheme and pays with her life. Instead of having her just shot or whatever from across the room, Laurel Taylor fights desperately, setting the lab on fire in the process. Although mortally wounded, she manages to die heroically, not only thwarting her lover, Jared, but ensuring that he is punished more thoroughly than the justice system probably would have done.

    For a change, Nicholas does not have to don a mask. As Jared's face had been thoroughly disfigured--and therefore could look like anyone--Nicholas only needed a few artistically placed patches of unhealed skin.

    Grant has made some improvements to his glasses since they used them back in Season One. Not only can he type and transmit messages on the liquid crystal, he can send computer images and information, and the glasses, when worn, transmit what Nicholas sees. One problem with them is that they apparently only had enough power to transmit for a total of four hours, which explains why Nicholas spent the episode nervously putting them on and yanking them back off again. The real Jared apparently wore them all the time--it would have been nice if someone had questioned why he kept removing them. A plausible explanation could have been that the glasses irritated the unhealed patch up on his temple.

    One potential problem was completely ignored--how did they know that Jared had not told Jouseff how he had romantically cultivated Laurel Taylor to gain her cooperation? Nicholas-as-Jared simply presented Shannon as his genuine girlfriend. The hospital scene went well. Jouseff insisted that they return home immediately, even though "Jared" would have been released the next day. Shannon showed her love and concern by trying to insist that Jared remain until the bandages were removed. (This, by the way, would have given them an escape route if Jouseff had totally refused to accept Nicholas as Jared.) Jouseff, of course, made it plain that the opinions of an American female were of no account at all.

    The scene with the bandage removal was great. Jouseff began shouting that "This is not Jared!" Nicholas may have been thinking, "Uh, oh," but his stunned silence was exactly how you would expect the real Jared to react. Shannon's strained reaction--"Jared...your face...." was well done. Nicholas' shocked reaction to his "new" face--followed by unhappy resignation ("It's not so bad...I could get used to it.") was superb.

    It was fun watching Grant and Max gain access to the compound. Max seemed a little piqued at having to bury himself in a load of grain. Grant's interaction with Mukhta was great--"You push, I'll drive...." although you have to wonder, first of all, how he knew just where to run in and steal the personnel disc, and secondly, how no one noticed him doing so.

    As usual, they got back with the necessary information in the very nick of time, allowing Nicholas to "recognize" his colleagues. An unexpected joker shows up as they realize that Ismahan was Jared's former lover--and that she has no intention of being displaced by Shannon.

    The scene with Shannon trapped in the radiation chamber was exciting, but, considering that Jared had been in the same situation--with horrific results--Shannon struggled with the door far too long before calling for help. People that like counting down with timers on movies and T.V. will have noted that the radiation beam did not turn on until long after it should have. If Shannon had called for help immediately, the timing of the rescue would have been more realistic. Nicholas' reaction, however, was quick and effective.

    Poor Ismahan may have been a bad guy, but her punishment for failing to foresee the destruction of the records was way beyond what she deserved. I think that Jouseff was passing on the blame.

    The scene where Nicholas and Shannon were arrested harked back to many episodes of "Old Mission". You would see someone caught in an apparently unexpected complication, only to find after the commercial that the situation was not only anticipated, it was part of the plan.

    It was interesting that, when the triggering mechanism for the destruction of the grain was broken, it was Jim who came up with an old-fashioned method for setting things off, rather than trying to find some new-fangled fancy gadget.

    The trial went off nice and smooth, with Nicholas and Jim turning the tables neatly on Jouseff, and two "guards" showing up to take Nicholas, Shannon and Jim into custody--and right out the gates.moreless
  • This is my third favorite episode.It has it's moments but again it's only my third favorite.

    I really liked the work Thaao did in this one.He was great I love the glasses being used as a device to help him.Shannon getting trapped in the thing with the seeds was frightening.It was so clever of Nicholas to do that thing with the fire to free her.His trial was a riot too.Not a bad episode.
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