Mission: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1988 on ABC
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The IMF must lure a canny drug lord on to U.S. territory so he can be arrested for his crimes.

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  • good

    The team has to get a south american dictator/drug lord to us territory so they use the fact that his wife and kid left him years ago against him. The man suffers from a brain tumor and they make him think that his son is calling him in his sleep via a hologram of his son I'ts very ingenious again in the end they lure him to a island where they boy of the hologram tells him that he also suffers from a brain tumor. But then he's called back by his security chief. The IMF team take out the drug lab and then the dictator goes back to what he thinks is the same island with the same house but it is all fake this island is us territory and he's arrested.moreless
  • This was a fun episode. I loved how they were able to play with this man's mind.

    I always like the episodes where they call in a guest team member. This one was particularly intriguing because the guest member was a young boy. Even if his father was an IMFer himself, that had to have taken a bit of persuading.

    Nicholas, of course, put in his usual excellent performance as a drug smuggler. Grant showed his usual technological wizardry. I liked how Nicholas and Grant both showed lightning fast reactions to get each other out of trouble. Nicholas came to Grant's aid when he had become trapped out on the verandah. Grant was able to return the favor when Nicholas' cover was blown, swiftly rigging up a small electrical jolt for Duvall--just enough to throw Duvall off balance.

    Nicholas-as-Duvall looked just a little uncomfortable in the role, but that was understandable, given that he'd had to jump into it at a moment's notice.

    Poor Max's role was limited to flying a plane and getting himself beaten up. Wonder if they get a bonus for that kind of work? One oddity from that scene--after Max decided to "give in" and tell them what they wanted, his tone of voice when he said, "All right. All right, I'll tell you," was so "heavy" with significance that it should have flashed a red light to Usher and Duvall. It basically sounded like, "All right, I've let you beat me up enough to look convincing, now I'll feed you what we want you to know."

    There was a touch of pathos when Usher tried to escape from the American law enforcement officers that were just yards away from from him, dropping the coins he had brought as a gift for Kieron in the process. However, his general nastiness--such as promising himself to kill his "son's" mother without considering what that would do to his "son's" feelings--kept me from feeling too sorry for him.

    One annoying thing about this remake was someone's insistance on Peter Graves making some comment at the end of the missions. However, for this episode, the comment that Kieron's father would be proud of him was appropriate--not to mention a nice thing to say.moreless
Peter Graves

Peter Graves

Jim Phelps

Thaao Penghlis

Thaao Penghlis

Nicholas Black

Antony Hamilton

Antony Hamilton

Max Harte

Phil Morris

Phil Morris

Grant Collier

Terry Markwell

Terry Markwell

Casey Randall (1988-89)

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • For some inexplicable reason, Duvall brings the captive Nicholas to Usher's bedroom. Usher isn't there yet and wouldn't want to see a prisoner in his bedroom in any case. If Duvall is looking for Grant as he claims, he'd go to Grant's room, not Usher's.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Usher: Do you think you need a bodyguard here, Mr. Taggart?
      Nicholas: Well, I watched the evening news and things like assassinations at airports make me kind of nervous.
      Usher: That was politics, Mr. Taggart. This is business.

    • Duvall: The Colonel occasionally suffers from severe headaches.
      Nicholas: Maybe he should go to the hospital.
      Usher: No!
      Duvall: If necessary, the hospital will come to Colonel Usher. A word of advice, Mr. Taggart, don't interpret what you see here as a sign of weakness. Last man to do that wound up face down on an airport runway.

    • Usher: If you'll excuse me, Mr. Taggart, it's been a long day.
      Nicholas: Oh, but it's early, Colonel. May I remind you what the Emperor Napoleon said about sleeping hours?
      Usher: I'm sure it will be fascinating.
      Nicholas: He said, "Six hours for the man, seven for the woman, and eight for the fool."
      Usher: Are you suggesting I might be a fool, Mr. Taggart?

    • Nicholas: Just a few more minutes and we can finish all our business, Colonel.
      Usher: (opens up a presentation box) American Double Eagle $20 gold coins. Each one worth over $40,000.
      Nicholas: Why do I get the feeling I'm supposed to be learning a lesson here?
      Usher: It took over a hundred years for these coins to reach that value. I don't see why you can't wait a few hours before we do business. Now I'm tired. Good night.

    • Usher: (suffering from a headache) It's very ironic, Dr. Quinn. I can buy and sell everybody in this party. I can have any one of them imprisoned or executed with a nod of my head. But for all my power and all my money, I can't get rid of this pain!

    • Usher: Major Duvall tells me you haven't been very cooperative.
      Max: Well, maybe it's his bedside manner.
      Duvall: See what I have to put up with? (strikes Max)

    • Max: Look, I was paid a lot of money to fly the doctor to that island and to keep my mouth shut. So I'm sure as hell not going to open it without some sort of counter-offer.
      Usher: (brandishing a knife) Try this. You tell us where the island is and in return, I'll let you live.

    • Duvall: Sir, I thought you would send someone to the island.
      Usher: I want to go myself.
      Duvall: But have you forgotten the Americans, the indictment? As head of security, I strongly advise against it.
      Usher: As head of the country, I strongly advise you to do as I say!

    • Duvall: In the last hour, we have received reports of United States Naval vessels patrolling the area.
      Usher: So fix it, Duvall. Isn't that what you get paid to do?
      Duvall: I can take care of dissidents, I can handle imposters like Taggart. But don't ask me to take on Spruance destroyers. We'll lose.

    • Jim: If you really believe that boy's your son, why don't you go back and get him?
      Usher: Why? Because apparently the whole United States Navy is looking for me.
      Jim: Yes, they're looking for you on the water.
      Usher: That's where you usually find the navy.

    • Max: If you brought me here to make another deal, I think I'll pass. I didn't do so well on the last one.
      Usher: I said I'd let you live, I didn't say anything about letting you go. Until now.
      Max: What do you want?
      Usher: I want you to fly me to the island where the boy was.
      Max: What if I tell you to stuff it?
      Usher: Then whether I continue to let you live is now up for debate.

    • Grant: (preparing explosives) May I?
      Nicholas: Never say I don't let you get a bang out of life.

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