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  • The revival of the 1966 CBS TV series gave birth to a whole new generation of IMF fans. Although a success, it was soon cancelled and left fans craving for more. This is my tribute to the series and how it became part of our lives.

    As someone born after the 1966 series ended, I found the 1988 series more of my time and place. The original 7 year series set it's footprints in TV history, and the 1988 revival was the perfect continuation.

    Many 1966 fans thought of the 1988 series to be nothing compared to the original. I disagree. The 1988 series continued the work of IMF and it was all up-to-pair with the original stories and cast members. Even Peter Graves continued as the star of the show on their new adventures, using high tech equipment and amazing gadgets.

    The success of the 1988 show is measured all across the world. I recently found out that many countries across the world are still airing reruns of the popular 1988 series: The U.K., The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, among others. Not to mention local U.S. stations, joining the international community.

    I'm also of the opinion that the Tom Cruise interpretation of the IMF concept is way off the chart. It saden me a great deal to see such an unique and wonderful saga turned into a cheap action concept, not very different from similar low budget Hollywood productions. I was however pleased to know that none of the original cast members agreed to be part of such a different idea of what IMF really is.

    For many many years I have hoped and wished for a VHS/DVD release of the 1988 series. As you may or may not know, Paramount Home Video is the owner of the rights to the series and movies, but upto now all we have seen are the 1966 series seasons to be released on DVD.

    For that reason I have created a home on the Internet for fans - such as myself - kindly asking ABC and Paramount to release the series on VHS/DVD. The highlight of the site is it's list of fans signing on for the release. I encourage you to do the same!

    Take a moment of your time and be part of the movement for this great cause:

    I will not bore you any further with this tribute to the IMF force of 1988. Thank you all for 2 amazing years and for us to be part of a proper continuation of the amazing series that changed television for ever!
  • Not very smart.

    For this revival (which not only returned the classic series to television but also four of its original episodes - "The Killer" [redone here as the premiere episode], "The Condemned," "The System" and "The Legacy") Peter Graves again assumed command of the IM Force with a new set of equivalents for the old unit, shot in Australia and with stronger effects... but lesser scripts.

    Watching the originals again, they're miniature gems particularly in the first few years; the new version just isn't as compelling, although having Casey Randall be the first IM member to actually die in the course of duty was unusual. The episode "Submarine" pretty much encapsulates the remake's inferiority; written by the show's visual effects supervisor Dale Duguid, there's an unfortunate emphasis on how the illusion required to trap the villain is done, which suffuses any suspense.

    The show does, however, have more fidelity to the concept than the misguided cinema version from Cruise and DePalma, which is why this is ultimately preferable. But the original show is the one to watch.