Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 13

The Assassin

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

There have been strange assassinations going on recently - many important political figures were mysteriously murdered - majority of them by their closest advisors. Their motives cannot be determined because all of the killers commited suicide immediately after the assassinations. The IMF force were brought in to investigate the mystery. Grant does some research on the assassinations and find that there was this one figure hanging out at all of the assasinations. Also, that figure hangs runs a relaxation camp which all the assassins attended at one time or another. So, Nicholas, Max and Shannon was sent in to investigaate. However, Nicholas was picked out of them and made into an assassin through hypnosis and a biological chip implanted into him. Hw as also given a musical watch that would trigger his assasination behaviour. Max and Shannon tries to snap Nicholas out of it, but fails. They're then asked to leave. Max and Shannon trails Nichoas and the doctor to a horse track, where they think that the next victim would be an Arab sheik. They knock Nicholas out with and takes him back to the HQ. Unfortunately, the doctor's assasination chip works beyond Nicholas' conciousness, and on hearhing the music, Nicholas awakens and strangles Shannon, who was left to watch over Nicholas. Nicholas then takes the mask maker and leaves. Meanwhile, Jim and Max goes back to the horse track to monitor the Arab sheik, and Grant infliterates the relaxation camp. Grant finds a sample of the chip and the video that was used to hypnotize Nicholas. They return and finds Shannon injured. Max finds that Nicholas has took a gun from the ship. Grant then finds out that Nicholas is actually after the president of West Africa, and Shannon discovers that the president is in town to present a lion to the zoo. They have less than 30 minutes before the presentation ceremony. So, they hurry to the zoo and search for Nicholas. Grant finds the mask maker device and warns Jim that Nicholas could be disguised as anyone in the zoo. Max then spots a zoo keeper gagged up in a bush. They hurry back to the presentation and spots Nicholas disguised as a zoo keeper. Jim and Max then go stop Nicholas while Shannon and Grant go after the doctor. The doctor pulls out a gun, but did not look at where he was going and trips on a coil of wire and falls into the lion cage. The lions then attack and kill the doctor. Somehow, the scene of the doctor being killed by lion fools the chip into thinking that it's job is done, causing the chip to self distruct, and causing Nicholas to come back to his senses.
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