Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 2

The Golden Serpent (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1989 on ABC
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The Golden Serpent (2)
The team turn Selimun against his Golden Serpent masters, but when they kill him they must deal with the head of the organization to recover the hidden gold and destroy the Serpent once and for all.

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  • An excellent episode as the characters (especially Grant) were built nicely. The story is also great, the team work is nicely shown, and Shannon has a great role in this episode.moreless

    As I grew up watching Mission Impossible in 1988-1989, I fell in love with the show and the way the team worked together. I also like Shannon as the only female member of the team and her key contributions to the team.

    Both of the Golden Serpent episodes are ones of Shannon's best episodes around. Her role and responsibilities were very important to the whole mission as she was to infiltrate Selimun's crime club. Shannon was able to convince the Prince that his brother was still alive and planned to kill him. Shannon also gained Selimun's trust that enabled her to move freely in the yacht.

    This is also one of a few episodes where they have a physically big and strong female villain. The directors also built her character a little bit to show the audience how mean and bad she was. She was always shown practicing with her small crossbow and also ended up shooting Selimun in the yacht. One thing that I confused is the fact that, near the end of the episode, they have her wearing a 3" heels and standing next to Shannon who was wearing flats. I am not sure why they are trying to impose the height and build difference between them. The female villain looks big, tall, and strong, making Shannon seems tiny and weak.

    Anyway, I expected to see Shannon fought against the big girl and won the battle as the directors also built a great tension between the two ladies toward the end of the story. It is funny to see how Shannon football-tackle the much bigger girl to the water. I am little bit disappointed to see they fight in the water since they didn't really fight. Both of the ladies had a hard time keeping themselves floating on the water. Also, Shannon didn't end up beating the girl since the girl killed herself accidentally by shooting the arrow from her crossbow that hit and activated the laser system in the water. I am not sure why the directors let them fight in the water, but I prefer their fight to be in a dry land. If Shannon can beat the crap out of the girl without the guys help, this is a point to show that Shannon can hold her own and can do a basic hand-to-hand fight.

    Overall though, this is an excellent episode as the characters (especially Grant) were built nicely. The story is also great, the team work is nicely shown, and Shannon has a great role in this episode.moreless
  • This one wraps up a violent episode with an exceptionally dangerous conclusion.

    Naturally, if you're going to be running about on a very high bridge, you're going to want to have a handy parachute in case you slip. Grant has seen that Max was in trouble and was at hand with a boat. Unfortunately, Drago has some men waiting in another boat. Fortunately, Grant is a better driver.

    Selimun has already been unnerved by the assassination attempt, and coming face to face with his mirror image provides the final blow. He flees to his yacht and prepares to go home. With a whole boatload of women, one more went by unnoticed, even, apparently, by Shannon.

    Grant uses another of his nifty gadgets to isolate Drago's voice, and then uses the vast resources of the IMF to identify that voice. Nicholas-as-Selimun does a fine job of royally messing up the finances of the Golden Serpent.

    Selimun probably won't make a very good-looking corpse once he's been in the water a while. Interestingly, the captain hardly reacted at all to the death of his employer. (Of course, he might have been afraid to do so, faced with that lethal lady.)

    The scene with Nicholas exchanging drugs for money was rather tense--Drago's henchman might have shot him before he had the chance to be generous and give the money back.

    Everyone headed back to the island, one way or another. The scene where they were finally able to notify Grant that his father was alive was fun--all Grant could manage was an incredulous, "Dad?"

    Drago, Nicholas and Jim meet up with Big Blonde, and they then meet up with Shannon, who has shown up to slow them down a bit while things get organized below. That holographic "vault" was pretty cool, although wouldn't you think that Max jumping in the water would distort it enough to be noticeable?

    About Max in the water...it is my understanding that a genuine gold brick that size would be a pretty hefty thing--70 or 80 pounds. Max casually lifts it off the bottom--and then waves it over his head with one hand! The expression on his face when he presented it to Drago looked rather like a dog that has eagerly fetched something for master.

    Jim normally takes all possibilities into account when preparing his plots, but he somehow overlooked the obvious here. Drago's dialogue at this point sounded straight out of a comic book. "Now that I have the gold, I don't see why I shouldn't..." (pause and turn the page to the next panel) "Keep Both The Gold And The Network!"

    This is where everything goes crazy. Big Blonde takes a shot at Jim, and Barney shoves him out of the way and takes the bolt. (You'll notice that there is too long a time lag between the bolt being shot and Barney shoving Jim aside.)

    Shannon throws herself at B.B, and they hit the pool. Max and Grant are busy elsewhere, and Jim and Nicholas are too busy looking at Barney to have a thought for poor Shannon until her battle is pretty much over. (You don't see Shannon really fighting on this show much, but she seems to be fairly good at it.)

    B.B. takes another shot with her mini-crossbow, and activates the laser system. Listening to her scream and slowly sink out of sight was harrowing to see.

    They do, of course, manage to get out of the building and onto the boat before everything busts loose. Barney, who had taken the small bolt in his shoulder, not very deep, somehow started bleeding on the back of his shoulder as though the bolt had gone completely through.

    I noticed that although Barney was invaluable during this mission, it's kept clear that he is not part of the team anymore--he's left below deck while they come together for their closing moments.moreless

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