Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 3

The Princess

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1989 on ABC
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The Princess
A militant group hires an assassin, Coyote, to take out the princess of a country who she is turning toward Western ways. The IMF must go undercover to infiltrate the group, find out the identity of the assassin, and take him out before he can complete his assignment.moreless

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  • The only thing that made this episode exciting was the sudden intrusion of a wild card, Coyote, and Shannon getting shot.

    Adequate episode, I suppose. The team all worked hard in their roles. It was rather interesting to see Nicholas playing a rather violent, "thug" type. Actually, he had quite a bit to do on this episode; a saving grace.

    Jim was wonderful as the brash, full-of-himself producer, as was Shannon as the actress who was by turns haughty and rather dim.

    The "police station" scene was well done. Jim was quite chilling as the superintendant, far more dangerous than the blatantly violent Max. After acting so quiet, he casually shot Nicholas after he decided that Nicholas had no information for him. This was what finally unnerved Caron and broke him.

    An amusing touch was after Caron gave them the information and they knocked him out and put him with the armored truck. They handcuffed him to the wheel, and Shannon, calling in to report the truck, said dryly, "I don't think he's going anywhere."

    It became quickly obvious that the woman representing Coyote was Coyote herself. That perfume she wore must have been pretty potent, because she was well across the room when Shannon noticed it. Shannon getting shot was perhaps the first time on either version of "Mission" that a team member got taken totally out of the play by getting wounded. Usually they manage to carry on. Shannon did manage to pass on a vital clue.

    I can understand the bit about every perfume being different on every woman because of body chemistry, but Grant's fancy gadget was rather over the top. Perfume is not usually put on the fingers; how did he manage to swab up a sample of it? And how could it pick up traces from clear across a room?

    They did a good job showing the team preparing for the final confrontation, interspersed with Coyote doing the same thing. One problem with her preparations was that she waited until she was completely dressed before dealing with her hair. Hair would be dealt with before getting dressed, to avoid messing up the clothing.

    The actress did a fine job with the part, considering that she spoke one sentence in the whole episode. I liked how, after depositing her explosive tape recorder up on the lectern, she deliberately walked past Jim, with a badly suppressed grin. It was in keeping with her apparent liking for an audience.

    The climax was exciting, but someone should tell Grant that, when getting rid of an explosive that's going to go off any moment, you shouldn't waste precious moments looking at the thing to see how much longer you have.

    It was expectable that they would close the episode with a visit to Shannon, but the dialogue was rather silly. Jim's comment, "How many boyfriends do you need?" seemed to come out of thin air.moreless
Phil Morris

Phil Morris

Grant Collier

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Peter Graves

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Jane Badler

Shannon Reed (1989-90)

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Antony Hamilton

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Thaao Penghlis

Nicholas Black

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Bob Johnson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Other people had to have handled the team's video equipment before Coyote did. Therefore any perfume traces she left were most likely contaminated, and wouldn't have produced an accurate spectrograph.

    • At the hospital, Jim states (twice) that Shannon pushed him aside and took the bullet meant for him. She did not. All she did was step in front of him. She might have been trying to shield him; then again, she might have just been stepping further inside.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Caron: You did well.
      Informer: I betrayed my country!
      Caron: (hands over a briefcase of money) I'm sure this will comfort your conscience.

    • Bartender: Keep asking questions and you're going to wake up in an alley, your throat cut. You're wasting your time.
      (Nicholas puts money down on the bar)
      Nicholas: That's to show you haven't been wasting yours.

    • Max: A diamond drill. That should cut through steel like knife through butter.
      Shannon: I can think of a better use for diamonds!

    • Shannon: I guess I really fouled things up.
      Jim: You kept me from taking a .22 bullet in the heart, you found out that Coyote is a woman. Now if that's fouling up, yes you're right, you did foul up. Thank you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The first movie aired at the film festival is Romeo & Juliet with Olivia de Hussey.

    • The name of the fake film company the IMF set up is "Harry Palmer Productions." Harry Palmer was the name of the spy in Len Deighton's spy novels, played by Michael Caine in several movies.