Mission: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 26

A Cube of Sugar

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dan goes into a wine shop and picks up his briefing tape on Vincent Deane, a U.S. undercover agent who tours as a jazz singer. Deane got hold of an enemy country's microcircuit with a code of the country's second-strike potential. Deane was involved in a car accident and captured by Senko Brobin, who is interrogating him but hasn't succeeded yet.

Dan assembles the standard team and in the final briefing reveals that Deane was carrying sugar cubes soaked with psychedelic drugs, and one of them has the microcircuit hidden in them. Cinnamon tests a magnetic ring that will find the cube with the circuit, and they plan to break into the mortuary. Rollin has received treatment making him immune to narcotics and they go over the plans of the medical center where Deane is locked up. Dan has a special tool that contains two syringes, one for Deane and one for Brobin, a lady's man.

Brobin and his staff have addicted Deane to drugs and plan to put him through withdrawal. They have the sugar cubes and Brobin has crushed them, but hasn't found the microcircuit. Dan arrives as an American representative who wants Deane released while Barney and Willy break into the mortuary through the sewers. Dan arranges a meeting with Deane, who is going through withdrawal. While getting a smoke, Dan manages to slip the special tool into the padded walls of the cell next door. He then mentions that Deane's wife (Cinnamon) has arrived and Brobin offers to meet her at a night club.

Cinnamon and Rollin are at the night club when Brobin arrives, and Cinnamon says Deane was simply a delivery boy giving something to Rollin. Brobin offers to release Deane if she can point out the recipient, and she points out Rollin. After a brief struggle, Brobin takes Rollin into custody.

While Barney and Willy bypass the gas and electrical pipes to cut through the sewer wall into the mortuary, Brobin puts Rollin in a cell next to Deane and demand answers. Rollin attacks him and Brobin has him put in a straitjacket and injected with incapacitating narcotics, and leaves him in a padded cell. After he leaves, Rollin gets free and recovers the tool from the padding on the wall. The tool has a sharpened edge to cut through the padding and an expanding tool to force the bars apart so Rollin can slip out.

Cinnamon meets with Brobin in his office and spots the crushed sugar. Rollin uses the tool which also functions as a sling shot and uses it to fire a pellet at a radiator which burns a hole in the pipes. While the attendant deals with it, Rollin gets to the drug cabinet and puts an IMF chemical into Deane's drugs. He prepares to go back to his cell but Deane's attendant arrives 10 minutes early. Rollin manages to get back into his cell and back into the straitjacket just in time, but the tool is sticking slightly out of the padding. Rollin rants and raves to distract them and push it back into the wall.

Brobin notices Cinnamon looking at the drug-coated sugar cubes and concludes she's an addict like Deane. He offers her the drugs and she snags the microcircuit with her ring. Meanwhile Barney and Willy find the gas valve feeding into the mortuary and they have to laboriously install a bypass valve by hand so as to not ignite the gas.

The attendants give Deane his injection and he dies of a heart attack. They call Brobin who goes to investigate and tells Cinnamon what happened. Dan comes to console her as she slips him the microcircuit, then he demands an accounting. Brobin orders the body's cremation that night before Dan can conduct an autopsy. Deane's "body" is taken away while Rollin asks to see Brobin privately so he can confess. Once alone, he grabs Brobin and darts him unconscious, then produces the last two items from the tool: a pair of masks.

Barney and Willy have gotten into the back of the mortuary crematorium and supply fake flames to fool the onlookers, then get Deane out through the sewers. Dan meets them at the van with Cinnamon while Brobin arrives… excepts it's Rollin using a Brobin mask. He left Brobin in his cell with a Rollin mask on. They start to revive Deane, who was given a drug to simulate death. They examine the chip, which Deane covered in a white sugar coating to conceal it from Brobin.