Mission: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 26

A Cube of Sugar

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1967 on CBS

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  • Super episode - just how i splyke it

    There's been a few episode's towards the end of this season that have fallen well below par but this one pulled it right back.

    The team have got to go deep into Eastern Europe to rescue one of their agents - Vincent Deane - whose been arrested by secret police. Deane - masquerading as a jazz player - has got a microchip with sensitive information on it that can't fall into enemy hands. He's being held in a prison/mental institute where he's being fed hallucinogenic and narcotic drugs in the hope that he'll give away the location of the chip and it's content which he's also memorised. The team know he's close to cracking so time is of the essence if they're going to get him out alive. One thing the IMF do know is that the microchip is hidden in one of a number of sugar cubes coated in the psychedelic drug, acid. The basic outline of their plan involves getting Rollin arrested and put in the same jail as Deane, breaking out and giving Deane a drug to make him appear dead. In the meantime Cinnamon - acting as Dean's wife - let's herself get seduced by the lecherous boss of the prison - Senko Brobin - in a bid the retrieve the microchip from the sugar. Dan is acting as an American diplomat there to oversee Deane's well being. While all this is going on Barney and Willie are over at the crematorium preparing the final part of the plan. When Deane's death is announced Dan automatically asks for an autopsy but Brobin knows if it goes ahead the Americans will discover Deane's been tortured. So Brobin asks for the body to be taken over the crematorium and burned straight away. But in true MI style Barney and Willie are waiting there for the body to arrive so they can grab it and make a getaway. The final thing is for Rollin to escape. And at the risk of going into too much detail he uses his famous impersonating technique to fool the guards into thinking he's Brobin (thus being able to escape) while the real Brobin is unconscious in the cell looking remarkably like Rollin. Case closed on other fantastic Mission Impossible.
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