Mission: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 1972 on CBS

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  • A sequence that almost revolves around Peter Graves Jim Phelps alias character and player skill.

    What started in Season 6, so it goes in season seventh Most of the episodes, like this one also turn now only to the crime syndicate and for contracts that are "outside of the police power of influence". I personally found this episode very boring. Is this all just about the pool game that will play Jim. Sure, there were already some very successful previous gambling episodes, including eg "The Emerald" and "The Merchant, " but here seems the idea of an impact on a game of chance to make out sucks. The new woman on the team, Barbara Anderson does, however, very good, which in later episodes even more striking than here. It was used as Lynda Day George at the time of filming was pregnant, but it has shown in several episodes this season even played. The real game in the episode would have been 5 minutes already been shown and that is the problem with this episode, she takes too long and the story is simply too thin.