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Mission: Impossible

Season 5 Episode 15

Cat's Paw

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 1971 on CBS
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Episode Summary


Larry Collier, newspaper editor and Barney's brother, is killed while trying to establish a link between corrupt police chief Abbot and Corley, the head of a ghetto mob who masks his illegal activities with an insurance front company. Barney, set up with a past as a crooked accountant, gets close to Corley by rescuing is secretary Millie, and Corley hires him on when he finds out about his "past."


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    Hari Rhodes

    Hari Rhodes

    George Corley

    Guest Star

    Abbey Lincoln

    Abbey Lincoln

    Millie Webster

    Guest Star

    William Wintersole

    William Wintersole

    William Goslin

    Guest Star

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      • Larry: Hey, when are we going to take that fishing trip?
        Barney: At your convenience.
        Larry: At my convenience? You know, for an engineer, you sure get around a lot.
        Barney: I do do that, big brother.

      • Barney: im, before we go any further, I have to say this again. I have no right to get you involved in my personal problem.
        Paris: Barney, you're wasting time.
        Dana: That's right.
        Willy: Why do you think we're here?
        Barney: Thanks.

      • Corley: May I ask what you do for a living, Mr. Morgan?
        Barney: Well, Mr. Corley, right now I'm between jobs.
        Corley: Are you in need of money?
        Barney: Not unless you call $4 money.

      • Millie: Right on time.
        Barney: You're ready. That's very unladylike.
        Millie: I must have gone to the wrong finishing school, sorry.

      • Millie: I suppose you'd rather see whitey get it all.
        Barney: Come on, Millie. A cat picks your pocket, it doesn't matter what color its fingers are.

      • Millie: Everything's computerized. Can you run Brucker 860?
        Barney: Cut my teeth on a Brucker.
        Millie: You must have had some wild dental bills.

      • Jim: Hold it, Corley. Scanlon wants to talk to you.
        Corley: The DA? He's wasting his time.
        Jim: He won't mind, he's on salary.

      • Barney: Millie, listen to me. Listen to me. My name is not Cliff Morgan. It's Barney Collier. Collier. Does that name mean anything to you?
        Millie: That newspaper man?
        Barney: That's right! He was my brother and they killed him. Hamp, Corley, and Abbot blew him to pieces. Yes I set you up! I would have set up the Joan of Arc to even the score for my brother. But it... it doesn't even the score and that's the toughest part of it.

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