Mission: Impossible

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1967 on CBS

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  • Small potatoes

    Fritz Weaver delivers another great guest performance (he was previously seen as the villain in "Operation: Rogosh"), but outside of that this is a weak "M:I" caper.

    First of all, the Hagar's seem like relatively small potatoes for the IMF to pursue. Essentially upper-class con artists, they're bilking the uber-wealthy out of their money, but not really doing much else. So the team infiltrates their fund-raising weekend and tries to pit the couple against each other - which never pays off. I was almost expecting the end game to be the husband and wife killing each other, but instead they just get carted off. Why did the team go to all the trouble of setting Rollin up as a phony hitman? Some credit, though, to the plan to remove the platinum from the pool table. And the main cast soldiers on as always. Barbara Bain is particularly effective in her role as the paralyzed reclusive heiress who lures Weaver into the trap.
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