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CBS (ended 1973)

First impressions of the DVD collection, first season.

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    [1]Jan 20, 2007
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    I have completed watching the first year on the DVD collection.

    I am very, very impressed. Around three-quarters of the episodes are so top-notch that I expect to watch them many times.

    The transfer is state-of-the-art. I counted only two film-jitters among all twenty-eight episodes! They are immaterial to enjoying the production, however, as they are fleeting and momentary. I speculate that these represent damage on the original reels or negatives. Otherwise, a lot of care and love went into restoring the luster of Mission: Impossible's color--and even the sound that is so important to the show.

    I especially love the color arc-lighting typical of mid-sixties American TV. Gorgeous. The lush, warm tones are TV history's equivalent to Hollywood's original Technicolor process. Bain is so often breath-takingly lovely that she appears to be walking out of a dream.

    I hadn't expected the first season to become so polished so quickly. I am old enough to recall the series as it aired, but I had not seen Steven Hill's Dan Briggs. I was all set to dislike him, but now I can see why he had been hired on. I quickly became trusting of him and his leadership of the team.

    Of the initial twenty-eight, only a few lag the pace. Yet it's a pace which the series itself had already mustered. In other words, the series had so many fine moments from its start that, when inevitable first-season meanderings settled in, I measured them against its own already-established high standards.

    I realize the DVD/season-airing order does not match the production dates (though the chronology is close). This may explain why some episodes--or better yet, some portions of episodes--seem to be "finding their way" as all series are wont to do during first runs. Nevertheless, even when an episode strayed, it was still compelling and far superior to any TV drama I know of from the era.

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    [2]Feb 7, 2007
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    I'm a little more than halfway through Mission: Impossible and have loved it so far. There has not been an episode I've disliked (except for "Zubrovnik's Ghost," but I only didn't like that one as much as some of the others

    The DVD set is my first big exposure to the show. When I was younger, I used to watch reruns of it on FX (along with The Green Hornet and Batman...back before they got into original programming), and while I only saw "Jim Phelps" episodes, I really enjoyed it. Therefore, being able to watch three or four episodes in a row is a blast!

    My two favorite characters have got to Rollin Hand and Dan Briggs. I prefer Briggs to Phelps, and am curious to see how the Season 2 and forward episodes compare with Peter Graves at the helm. Of course, the rest of the team is great too.

    I echo the previous poster's comments on DVD quality. For a show that is 40 years old these episodes look amazing! I read one review of the set and it said that the show almost looked like a modern series trying to achieve a "retro cool" look. The picture and sound are fantastic, probably the best of any TV DVD from that era that I've seen.

    Wish there had been some extra features...with the exception of Greg Morris (Barney), the original cast is all living. It would have been great to hear some recollections, though I can understand why Steven Hill might not want to, given his departure from the series. Martin Landau and Barbara Bain wanted to cameo in the Mission: Impossible movies, so I bet they'd be willing to sit down and share their thoughts on the show. Oh, well...there's always next season!

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    [3]Feb 10, 2007
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    I bought the R2 boxset this week and tested out the 7 discs today. The picture quality is excellent, considering this eseason is 40-41 years old. Pity there are no extras, but it's the episodes I would be buying this boxset for. Any extras would have been a bonus. I hope they don't take long in bringing out the remaining 6 seasons (season 2 is out next month in the UK), but I wouldn't mind if they took their time in releasing the boxsets if it meant cleaning and restoring the picture for each episode. I wasn't sure if they had restored the picture for this season 1 boxset, but after reading the above posts they must have. It did look like it though when I tested the discs out today. The one example I noticed being when they show the pictures of the main cast in the title sequence. There was no grime on Steven Hill's picture, compared to when I saw the show on C4 and recently on Five US.
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    [4]Feb 28, 2007
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    Do you really prefer Dan to Phelps!
    Dan's acting (or should I say non acting) More like cardboard and so static. I could have acted like that without any problem
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    [5]Mar 2, 2007
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    I think the fact that Steven Hill was hired as Dan Briggs in the first place despite the demands he made about aspects of his contract (ie, not working late on Friday's, and not working at all on Shabbos, the Jewish sabbath). I think it goes to show that the producers wanted him bad, also at the time in the sixties he was being compared to Marlon Brando with his acting talents.
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    [6]Jul 15, 2007
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    I just bought season one of the show. I say its a excellent show. I have not seen any of season two yet, as i dont own it but will soon. Steven Hill is a good actor and does well as Dan Briggs. The whole team is good and all fine actors. I first saw M:I from the movie. I loved the original M:I and the other two were decent. I have to say the show is just good and a great spy series.
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    [7]Dec 23, 2007
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    I am impressed with it too. I think it's pretty cool.
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    [8]Jan 17, 2008
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