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CBS (ended 1973)

Looking to identify this episode-help, please

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    [1]Feb 11, 2009
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    The IMF team goes into a (closed) bank to do some kind of mission and so that no one can see them in there, they set up life-size photos of the bank's empty interior to be seen through the windows, screening them from view while they work. Can anyone ID this episode? Thanks!
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    This really sounds like an episode of It Takes a Thief, starring Robert Wagner as a former cat burglar/jewel thief recruited out of prison by American intelligence. There was one episode of Mission, "The Vault" (Season 3, #23) in which Barney utilizes a similar camoufllage, but this vault door is at the end of a passageway well within the building. The general public is not among the potential witnesses.
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